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Cooking With Deer, Buffalo, & Rock-Crushed Berries

Moche Deerhunting

While these recipes and cooking instructions are contemporary and not "ancient," the ancient Americans relied on the buffalo and deer not only for food but for clothing and religious ceremonies as well. So when, and if, you use these recipes, think of how difficult these dinners would have been with primitive hunting and cooking tools.


Use shoulder or rump roast. Flour the roasts and brown in butter. Place the roast in a roasting dish, dice several types of vegetables including potatoes, and onion. Put about 1/2 cup of water in or enough to steam the vegetables. Remember to add the drippings from where the roast was browned. Place the roast into the oven at 325 degrees and let it go for about 25 minutes per pound or until is tender. Then serve.

Comanche Buffalo Hunt


Melt 1/4 pound of butter heat over light heat in a pan large enough for what you are frying. Cut up onion and garlic and then add them to the butter and simmer until the onion and garlic are soft then add the deer in thin slices about a 1/4 or an inch thick. Let this fry until the center of the meat is pink. The meat is now ready to enjoy. This dish is great with fry bread and pemmican.

Making Pemmican


The buffalo strips that have been dried in front of the fire can be beaten until they are like a corn meal. This buffalo meal is then combined with choke cherry, elderberry, blackberry, or other fruits, and meat drippings to bind the mixture. The meat may be any type, and can be dried in a common dehydrator.

The photo of "Making Pemmican" is from a site called Damn Interesting .