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AFTER THE WAR (An ALA Best Book for Young Adults)
by Carol Matas. B&W maps. Condition: UNREAD 1996 Aladdin paperback, first printing. Bookstore stamp half-title page. Tiny edgewear. Content: "Didn't the gas ovens finish you all off?" is the response that meets Ruth Mendenberg when she returns to her village in Poland after the liberation of Buchenwald at the end of World War II. Her entire family wiped out in the Holocaust, the fifteen-year-old girl has nowhere to go. Members of the underground organization Brichah find her, and she joins them in their dangerous quest to smuggle illegal immigrants to Palestine. Ruth risks her life to help lead a group of children on a daring journey over half a continent and across the sea to Eretz Israel, using secret routes and forged documents -- and sheer force of will. This adventure will touch readers, who will marvel at the resources and inner strength of mere children helping other children to find a place in this world in which they can belong. Carol Matas, one of the foremost authors of historical fiction, brings the desperation and passion of this remarkable journey to life. Grades 7 - 10 +. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.25 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.25
After the War

by Mary Hooper. Condition: NEW 2003 Bloomsbury Trade Paperback, 4th printing. Content: Hannah arrives in London in 1665 to help her sister run her sweetmeats shop just as the plague is taking hold of the city. While at first it seems far away in the poorer sections, it gradually creeps closer to Hannah and Sarah. Soon, nearby houses are being shut up and neighbors and acquaintances are dying. The sisters feel trapped, waiting for the time bomb that is the plague to explode. The author convincingly conveys the horror of this epidemic through the senses. From the fetid smell of the streets to the ghastly sights of overwhelming cemeteries, the scope of the disaster is impressively wrought. The story moves quickly and the tension builds at a rapid pace and will hold readers' interest. The book also contains an analysis of the plague and recipes for sweetmeats. A captivating entry in the historical fiction genre. [1copy available]
$ 3.69 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.69
At the Sign of the Sugared Plum, Young Adult Historical Fiction

DANIEL'S STORY (World War II Historical Fiction)
by Carol Matas. B&W maps. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1993 Scholastic Trade Paperback, sixth printing. Light shelf wear to front cover fore edge. Interior clean & tight. Content: Daniel, 14 in 1941, describes first his family's sense of belonging in Germany and their refusal to flee their country despite the initial instances of anti-Semitism they experience. By the time the family is ready to acknowledge the seriousness of their situation, no country is willing to accept them. They are first deported from Frankfurt to the Lodz ghetto in Poland; from Lodz they are sent to Auschwitz, and finally, Daniel and his father are marched to Buchenwald. They are the only two members of the family who survive, and are liberated by the Americans. Daniel tells his story through the "pictures" he has; at first real photographs, and then the images in his head. He is a courageous, sensitive, heroic individual who personalizes the events of the Holocaust. His voice rings true; he is portrayed as an extraordinary youth, but these were times that demanded an exceptional response to increase the likelihood of survival. Grades 4 - 8. [1 copy available]
$ 2.59 + $ 3.09 media shipping. Priority shiping available.

Price: $ 2.59
Daniel's Story, Matas, Historical Fiction

MATILDA BONE (Historical Fiction)
by Karen Cushman. Beautiful wrap-around cover illustration by Trina Schart Hyman. Condition: UNREAD 2002 Dell Yearling Trade Paperback, first priting. Light shelfwear to front cover corners. Interior clean & tight. Content: Matilda is a medieval orphan girl who arrives as an apprentice to Peg the Bonesetter on Blood and Bone Alley. Matilda has been brought up by Fr. Leufredus in a manor house where her late father had been clerk, and she is horrified that she is now expected to perform such tasks as cleaning, shopping, and tending the fire. Matilda's pride at being able to read and write, and her initial disdain of Peg, Peg's husband Tom, Margery the physician, and the other humble denizens of the area is palpable. Matilda's Latin oaths ("Saliva mucusque!" or "spit and slime") and her mental conversations with the saints provide humor, and her growth in self-knowledge as well as her friendships with both young and old in her new community keep readers sympathetic. [1 copy available]
$ 1.85 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 1.85
Matilda Bone

text and color illustrations by Roberto Innocenti and Christophe Gallaz. The color illustrations are stunning and detailed. Condition: UNREAD, BUT NOT PERFECT, 1985 Creative Editions - Harcourt Brace hard cover & DJ (in mylar jacket), first thus, no printing given. Very light edge wear to DJ with light tanning to DJ edges. Interior perfect. Content: During World War II, a young German schoolgirl, Rose Blanche, follows the soldiers when they arrest a boy and discovers a concentration camp in the woods. Thereafter , she takes food to the prisoners until the town is liberated. Ironically, when she travels to the camp on that day she is shot by the soldiers. The oppression of Fascism is shown through the powerful and realistic paintings. In Innocenti's large, meticulously detailed paintings, Rose Blanche is the only brightly colored individual, and her small figure is set against the drab colors of overwhelming buildings and masses of soldiers and townspeople. No skyline is shown until a radiant spring bursts forth at the site of her death after the liberation. Although the story is simply told, it will require interpretation as details such as the concentration camp are not named nor explained, and the death of Rose Blanche is implied but not stated. This is a difficult book to classify, as the text is easy enough for a young child to read alone, and it has the appearance of a picture bookbut the content of the text and illustrations is full of emotional impact and subtlety. This is a powerful story and I don't think any child under the age of 12 should read it - but then. . . .I'm cautious. [1 copy available]
$ 13.59 + $ 3.29 media shipping. Internaitonal shipping available by arrangement - email us.

Price: $ 13.59
Rose Blanche, The Holocaust

THE ROYAL DIARIES [DVD] (From the Scholastic books of the same name)
by Scholastic. Movie stills both covers. Condition: NEW (shrink-wrapped, security tape) 2008 DVD release of the 2000 movies. Content: Adapted from the Scholastic book series, The Royal Diaries focuses on the diaries of three real princesses. Each story is an accurate depiction about what life would have been like in the era covered by each story and as seen through the eyes of teenage girls. The movies mix the magic of storytelling with historical events to bring these unique girls to life. Let these teen princesses surround you with the adventures, struggles and responsibilities of being part of a royal family while still being true to themselves. The Royal Diaries series includes the following three episodes: - Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile, Egypt, 57 B.C; Isabel: Jewel of Castilla, Spain, 1466; Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor, England, 1544. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.99 + $ 3.09 first class shipping. International shipping to Canada and Mexico available - email us

Price: $ 3.99
Richie Rich

The Royal Diaries: CLEOPATRA VII: Daughter of the Nile, Egypt, 57 B.C. (Historical Fiction)
by Kristina Gregory. B&W maps, photos, illustrations. Condition: NEW 1999 Scholastic small hardcover (pictorial boards), first printing. Gilt edges. Content: While her father is in hiding after attempts on his life, twelve-year-old Cleopatra records in her diary how she fears for her own safety and hopes to survive to become Queen of Egypt some day. [1 copiy available.}
$ 2.59 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.50
Royal Diaries: Cleopatra

The Royal Diaries: THE LADY OF PALENQUE: Flower of Bacal (Mesoamerica, A.D. 749)
by Anna Kirwan. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 2004 Scholastic hardcover (pictorial boards), first printing. Name loose end page and gilt fore edge. Interior clean & tight. Content: This entry in the Royal Diaries series takes readers to 749 C.E. Mesoamerica. Thirteen-year-old princess ShahnaK'in Yaxchel Pacal is chosen to marry the King of Xuchpi (Copan). First, though, the spoiled princess faces a long journey to her new home, which, as it turns out, brings her face to face with everything from natural disasters to human enemies. The text is dense, and Kirwan's descriptive prose has an archaic flavor; readers may struggle with the vocabulary and transliterated names. What readers will like best is ShahnaK'in herself, an animated, independent character, whose commentary incorporates interesting details of Mayan culture (including descriptions of shrunken heads and body piercing that may make some readers shudder) as well as a sense of universal issues -- from homesickness to developing self-reliance. Supporting materials include historical background, a family tree, and notes Recommended for ages 9 - 12. [1 copy available]
$ 2.29 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.29
Lady of Palenque, Royal Diaries

The Royal Diaries: Elizabeth I, Red Rose of the House of Tudor, England, 1544 (Historical Fiction)
by Kathryn Lasky. B&W maps, photos, illustrations. Condition: NEW 1999 Scholastic small hardcover (pictorial boards), first printing. Gilt edges. Content: In a series of diary entries, Princess Elizabeth, the eleven-year-old daughter of King Henry VIII, celebrates holidays and birthdays, relives her mother's execution, revels in her studies, and agonizes over her father's health. [1 copiy available.}
$ 3.28 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.28
Royal Diaries, Elizabeth 1

THUNDERWOMAN: A Mythic Novel of the Pueblos
by Nancy Wood. B&W illustrations by Richard Erdoes. Condition: NEW 1999 Dutton hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition, first printing. Content: At the dawn of time, Kobili and his wife, Thunderwoman, created the universe together, but then quarreled and were separated. Now with Coronado's army approaching, the ageless shaman awaits his beloved's rebirth. Will she join him in their final task? Or will Macaw's predictions of legions of armored men, riding like the wind on the backs of horses--men like don Juan de O-ate, with a mission to convert and destroy--come true before Thunderwoman has harnessed her own powers? hunderwoman, cocreator of the universe according to the Pueblos, returns to earth in human form at the time of the conquistadors. Reborn as Sayah, daughter of a chieftain, she is raised by her former husband, now Kobili the wise man. The invasion by conquistadors and the Catholic religion threaten to shatter her world, and she must work within human limitations to save her people. For almost 400 years, Sayah's human and animal compatriots travel the land to bring news, stories, and the strength of legends to their loved ones. Finally, Sayah cannot excise the interlopers from the land, but she can give her people the courage and will to continue. Wood, known for her poetry and short story collections, has undertaken a challenging mix of history and mythology. This work is populated with interesting and amusing, albeit unlikable, white characters. Thunderwoman's return in human form, including her development into a female warrior who retains her feminine compassion, is a fascinating if offbeat premise. Some inconsistencies in Thunderwoman's abilities are distracting to readers, who may be confused by her varying powers through time. Dark illustrations, imitative but not truly Native designs, are inserted skillfully throughout the text. At times confusing, this is still an engrossing read for mature readers with a special interest in Native cultures and Southwestern history. HIgh school and up. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.79 + $ 3.19 media shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 4.79
Thunderwoman: Novel of the Pueblos

TO BE A SLAVE (A Newbery Honor Book)
by Julius Lester. B&W Tom Feelings paintings illustrate. Condition: UNREAD 1969 Scholastic Point paperback, first printing. Tiny edgewear with pale tanning to interior page edges. Content: To be a slave. To be owned by another person, as a car, house, or a table is owned. To live as a piece of property that could be sold. This book is about how it felt. The words of black men and women who had themselves been slaves are here, accompanied by Julius Lester's historical commentary and Tom Feelings's powerful and muted paintings, To Be a Slave has been a touchstone in children's literature for over thirty years. "It is rare to find a book that enables children to identify as compellingly with slaves as this one does." Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 2.29 + $ 2.94 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.29
To Be A Slave, Lester

VIKING IT AND LIKING IT (The Time Warp Trio series - "Historical" Fiction)
by Jon Scieszka. Clever B&W illustratins by Adam McCauley. Condition: NEW 2002 Viking (how appropriate) hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), second printing. Content: The twelfth installment in Jon Scieszka's popular Time Warp Trio series catapults Fred, Joe, and Sam straight from Fred's room in Brooklyn into a Viking adventure. This time, the magic of Uncle Joe's mysterious time-travel book is triggered by Sam chanting the word "Thursday" over and over. Who knew the cosmos would interpret "Thursday" as the Norse god Thor's day and send the trio back to 1000 A.D.? As ever, the scrappy threesome finds big trouble in the form of a boatload of Vikings from Greenland, complete with Leif Ericksson; an annoying official poet (or skald) aptly named Bullshik; and a new diet of roast walrus and whale blubber. The snappy dialogue and classic boy humor in this series of chapter books guarantee chuckles from the most reluctant readers--and the generous type size and McCauley's comic illustrations don't hurt either. As a special bonus, readers will learn which other days of the week were named after Norse gods and get tips on creating a Viking name (or nickname) of their own. Grades 3 - 8. [1 copy available]
$ 3.59 + $ 3.09 media shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 3.59
Viking It and Liking It (Time WArp Trio)

unknown artist. Condition: NEW package of 12 bookplates made by pacaritambo books. The peel-off label stock is heavier than most bookplate materials and is matte and not glossy. They are as perfect as possible, and we feel the subject matter is much different than you can get anywhere else. 3.0" wide x 4.0" high Content: Taken from an old woodcut, this simple bookplate shows a child reading a book under a tree. We can personalize your bookplate (the font is Clarendon Blk BT) - just email us the name. Any questions, click here to email us.
$ 4.00 + $ 2.85 first class shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 4.00
Child Reading Bookplates

Children Reading