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NOTE: We (that's the Imperial "WE") have made changes in the way our customers can pay for their book(s). We can no longer verify a US priority or International priority or first class rate because of the lunacy of the US Post Office which has raised their prices to new highs with the possibility of more to come this year. So, if you want a priority shipment or an international shipment, you'll have to email us for a quote. Any book or item can be sent internationally or via priority mail, but you have to decide whether you want to pay their price or not. Sorry about this. Write your Congressman.

About us:
We are a small online bookseller who started out as a magazine dedicated to the Ancient Americas (with emphasis on the Inca civilization). When the magazine lost its free host, we started selling books to pay the online fees to keep the magazine afloat. Soon the book selling took over and the magazine languished. Now, we are back with a combination magazine and bookstore. We hope you enjoy both. Suggestions, complaints, and kudos are always welcome.

Our logo is the head of a Moche tumi (sacrificial knife) and Pacaritambo is the cave out of which the first Incas came into this world.

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Return Policy: If you are ever unhappy with a book from us (Heaven Forbid!), returning it is easy.

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