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by Creative Publishing. Neat color illustrations. Condition: UNREAD 2002 Creative Publishing (Canada) padded hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ issued), no printing given. Content: This book features 5 pop-ups for these three scenes: Aladdin meets the evil sorcerer; finds the magic lamp; meets the Genie; proposes to the princess; Aladdin & the Princess fly off on the carpet. Cute! [1 copy available]
$ 3.29 + $ 3.39 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.29
Aladdin, Pop-Up

by Michael St. John Parker. Beautiful color illustrations by Andrew Jamieson. Condition: NEW 2007 Wessex (UK) soft cover, first prnting. Gilt lettering and design front cover. Content: Beasts and monsters, like ghoss, always exercise a peculiar fascination over the human mind, even though they embody terrors, horrors, matters from which we recoil. The exact origins of some of the bests of myth and mystry which have come to us from the ancient world have perhaps been lost in the mists of time. This selection of beasts of European myth and legend, however, gives a glimpse of the perilous world that lurked beyond the ordinary daily consciousness of the folk for whom these stories had great meaning. Many of the beasts described in this book have made their appearance in Rowling's Harry Potter stories, Lewis' Narnia stories, and Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Questions welcome. [1 copy left]
$ 5.50 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.50
Beasts of Myth and Mystery, Mythology

by Stephen Buchmann and Diana Cohn. Wonderful, detailed color illustrations by Paul Mirocha. Color maps. Condition: NEW 2007 Cinco Puntos paperback, first printing. Content: "Entomologist Stephen Buchmann and award-winning children's book author Diana Cohn present The Bee Tree, a stunning children's picturebook based on the real-life traditions of honey hunters of Malaysia's indigenous people, who use special techniques to collect honey from dangerous, 1-inch long giant honeybees of the rainforest. Though fierce, the giant wild honeybees are also a critical link of the rainforest's ecology, and are deeply respected by the honey hunters. The Bee Tree recounts the legend of Hitam Manis, a servant girl who became transformed into a bee, and tells of the many precautions honey hunters take to avoid being stung (such as collecting honey only on moonless nights, and sending sparks to the ground to lure away guardian bees from the honeycomb), all through the eyes of a young boy being schooled in ancient ways. Illustrator Paul Mirocha made five trips to Malaysia to perfectly capture the color, life, and near-magical wonder of the Malaysian rainforest and its bees in this wonderful picturebook, supplemented at the end with a section of amazing facts about Malaysia's rainforests, bee trees with up to one hundred bee honeycombs, and honey hunters." Questions welcome. [1 copy left]
$ 5.50 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.50
Bee Tree, Malaysia

A CHILD'S INTRODUCTION TO GREEK MYTHOLOGY: The Stories of the Gods, Goddesses, Heros, Monsters, & Other Mythical Creatures
by Heather Alexander. Color illustrations by Meredith Hamilton are historically correct and fun. Condition: NEW 2011 Black Dog large hardcover (decorated boards with title) & dust jacket, first edition, 7th printing. Decorated end pages. Wonderful and historically accurate color illustrations by Meredith Hamilton. Content: Packed with action, adventure, tragedy, and triumph, A Child'sIntroduction to Greek Mythology acquaints kids ages 9–12 with all the fantastic and memorable classic Greek myths. The book is organized into two main parts. The first section introduces the gods and goddesses, from Apollo to Hades, as well as nymphs, satyrs, centaurs, and the mortal descendents of Zeus, such as Hercules and Midas. Part two is dedicated to the myths themselves: Pandora's Box, Prometheus' Discovery of Fire, the Trojan Horse and many more. Sidebars feature word definitions and fun facts, as well as games and projects. As with all of the other books in the Child's Introduction series, Meredith Hamilton's witty and charming illustrations add yet another dimension to the excellent and absorbing text. A sealed envelope inside the front cover contains Mythology Family tree poster; stickers; and temporary tattoos. Ages K-4 [1 copy available]
$ 11.49 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 11.49
Child's Introduction Greek Mythology
Child's Introduction Greek Mythology

by Donald Charles. Beautiful, vivid color illustrations by the Author. Condition: NEW 1993 Whitebird hardcover (pictorial boards- no DJ), first printing. Content: Fisherman Chancay is granted one favor by Tambo, a spirit who has appeared on Earth as a fish. When Chancay explains that his people are often cold and are afraid of the dark, Tambo challenges him to obtain the gift of fire. After surviving several tasks that the spirit devises, the man proves that he is not only kind but also strong and brave, and therefore ready to journey, with the loan of a condor's wings, to the Kingdom of the Sun and Moon where the secret of fire resides. There he must steal the Moon's golden mirror and, using one of the sun's rays, he successfully directs the light into a bundle of twigs and reeds to make fire. This is an original folktale in the pourquoi tradition and explains why we are able to see the Moon's reflection in water. The text is brisk, exciting, and graceful; Charles's brightly colored and highly stylized illustrations are eye-catching and have been inspired by artwork from pre-Columbian Peru. Useful, with many curricular applications. Ages K-4 [1 copy available]
$ 5.49 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.49
Chancay And the Secret of Fire, Pre-Columbian Peru

THE CHOCOLATE TREE: A Mayan Folktale (On My Own Folklore series)
by Linda Lowery and Richard Keep. Wonderful, vivid stylized color illustrations by Janice Lee Porter. Condition: NEW 2009 Millbrook Press soft cover, second printing. Content: Ever wonder where chocolate came from? We have the Mayan king Kukulkán to thank. Kukulkán is more than a king--he is also a god. One day he brings his people an amazing gift: a chocolate tree! But there is just one problem. Kukulkán's brother, Night Jaguar, doesn't want regular people to have chocolate. He thinks only gods should eat the tempting treat. Will Night Jaguar prevail? Or will the Mayans get to keep their chocolate tree? Ages 7+. Questions welcome. [2 copies left.]
$ 4.00 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.50
Chocolate Tree: Mayan Folktale

text & color illustrations by Mindy Dwyer. Condition: NEW 1997 Alaska Northwest Books hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), no printing given. Content: An "old tale of love and the way things came to be." When a child asks for a bedtime story, Mama tells about Coyote, who falls in love with a beautiful blue star and serenades her nightly. When the star laughs off Coyote's offer of marriage, he becomes desperate and grabs her from the tip of a mountain. She scolds him and pulls him through the sky, declares him a fool, and finally releases the frightened animal. He crashes into the top of a mountain, leaving a gaping hole, and cries enough tears to fill it, creating Crater Lake. An author's note explains the tale is based on one told by a Coquelle Indian storyteller. Readers will smile at Coyote's arrogance and the star's sassy rebuff. The illustrations are painted in vibrant purples, turquoises, and blues, offset by soft greens and yellows. Coyote's stylized figure reflects the pointed shape of his beloved star. The text, on the facing page, is surrounded by geometric borders of a similar palette, and important words are emphasized with color. I love this book! Grades 4 - up. [1 copy available.]
$ 5.50 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.50
Coyote In Love

THE DAY THE STONES WALKED (A Story of Easter Island)
by T.A. Barron. Wonderful color illustrations and cover art by William Low. Condition: NEW 2007 Philomel hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. Content: Reviewer: "In an essential Note at the end of the book T. A. Barron writes that when he visited the great carved faces of Easter Island he "had no idea that the stones themselves would tell me a story." And it is a profoundly moving story that young and old will ponder and return to. Young Pico is the child of one of the great carvers of Easter Island at the height of its former glory. Pico's father believes that the gigantic heads--the moai--can come to life and help people in time of trouble. Pico does not take this seriously until he is caught by a huge wave--larger than a mountain. Overwhelmed by the power of the ocean, Pico becomes aware of voices "deeper than the sea itself" while the wave displaces even the great carved stones. In this moment the boy discovers his spiritual connection to his people--and survives. But in many ways, his island is already declining, even without the "help" of the violent wave. The tsunami is a matter of archeological record, one still remembered by present-day spirit-singers of Easter Island. But there is more to the story than this--at one time, Easter Island was covered with subtropical forest that supported a much more complex culture than it does nowadays. The people used the forest for everything, and in time it was exhausted, along with the plants and animals that lived there. Without the forests, the Easter Islanders and their achievements dwindled as well. Barron rightly hopes that readers can learn from the experience of Easter Island. "Kids need to know the truth," he remarks. Indeed, this book makes the truth very compelling, although for me, the spiritual connection with the great carvings may be the most enduring impression." [Excellent book!!!] Ages 4 - 8+. [2 copies available]
$ 6.50 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 6.50
Day the Stones Walked, Easter Island Story

retold by Mary Pope Osborne. Beautiful color illustrations and B&W drawings by Troy Howell. Condition: NEW 1990 Scholastic edition soft cover, 14th printing. Light edge wear bottom cover edge with very light shelf wear. Interior perfect. Content: This handsome collection consists of a dozen tales from Greek mythology, most drawn from Ovid's Metamorphoses , including the stories of Echo and Narcissus, Ceres and Proserpine, Cupid and Psyche, King Midas. Osborne's retellings are both lively and descriptive, while Howell's full-color, often iridescent illustrations set the scene and mood at the start of each tale. Taken together, they provide a solid and highly readable introduction to the major Greco-Roman gods and goddesses and the myths that have profoundly shaped Western thought and literature. Helpful back-matter includes a list of key characters, partial lexicon of modern words drawn from the myths, bibliography and index. Ages 7-11. Myths: Chariot of the Sun God (Phaeton & Helios; Golden Touch (Bacchus & King Midas); Lost At Sea (Ceyx & Alycone); Weaving Contest (Minerva & Arachne); Apollo's Tree (Apollo & Daphne); Face in the Pool (Echo & Narcissus); Kidnapping (Ceres & Proserpina); Great Bear (Callisto & Arcus); Journey to Underworld (Orpheus & Eurydice); Golden Apples (Atalanta & Hippomenes); Four Tasks (Cupid & Psyche); Mysterious Visitors (Baucis & Philemon); God, Goddesses, & Mortals; Modern Words with Greek Origins; and Bibliography. Questions welcome. [1 copy left]
$ 5.49 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.49
Favorite Greek Myths, Mary Pope Osborne

GOLDEN TALES: Myths, Legends and Folktales from Latin America
by Lulu Delacre. Wonderful color illustrations by the Author. Condition: NEW 2001 Scholastic soft cover, first printing. Very very light shelf wear. Content: Four cultures and 13 countries feature in this handsome volume. Each section begins with a brief description of the culture of origin and an appendix provides sources for the myths; the stories are embellished with oil paintings and traditional motifs. Ages 8-up. The principal strength of this collection is that it mingles traditional creation myths and ethnic folktales with stories that show the Spanish influence in the Caribbean and Mexico. The tales that come from Colombia and the areas encompassed by the Inca Empire are more traditional. An introduction gives background on the Taino, Zapotec, Muisca, and Inca civilizations. Each of the four sections, one for each group, begins with a one-page description of their histories. The type font is attractive, and the pages are open and easy to read. There are ample full-color illustrations of average quality for each story and a good map of Latin America that shows the areas each tribe inhabited. Excellent source notes and a good pronunciation guide round out the volume. Tales from the Incas to the Taino to El Dorado. All ages. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 5.29 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.29
Golden Tales, Myths Latin America

THE GRASSHOPPER'S SONG: An Aesop's Fable Revisited
by Nikki Giovanni. Wonderful color illustrations by Chris Raschka. Condition: NEW 2008 Candlewick hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. Tiny shelf wear to top DJ edge. Content: This is an updated version of Aesop's fable! Artfully retold by a renowned poet and illustrated with energy and charm by a Caldecott Medalist, this twist on an Aesop fable is as witty as it is satisfying. Every year the Grasshoppers sing and play their instruments and the Ants work in rhythm to the music. The crops come up smoothly, and the Ants bring in the harvest to the Grasshoppers’ beat. But when winter comes, the Ants turn their backs on the Grasshoppers, and Jimmy Grasshopper finds this unfair. He’s hired Robin, Robin, Robin, and Wren to sue Abigail and Nestor Ant for what he deserves — R-E-S-P-E-C-T — and a one-half share of the harvest. But will a jury of his peers agree about the worth of art? Ages 10+. Questions welcome. [2 copies available]
$ 5.50 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.50
Grasshopper's Song, Aesop Fable

by Libby Gleeson. Beautiful esoteric color illustrations by Armin Greder. Condition: NEW 2011 Candlewick Press hard cover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. Content: The spare, emotionally powerful story of a circus bear who finally breaks free is told with simple narration and intense, expressive illustrations. Once there was a dancing circus bear who spent her days in a cold, hard cage. Each night she was led to the town square, where acrobats, trapeze artists, and clowns performed for a boisterous crowd. The bear performed, too, year in and year out, lifting her feet and swaying to the music of trumpets, drums, and cymbals. As she danced, some people clapped, and many poked her with sticks or threw stones. One night, however, the bear did not dance. She stood very still. And then she let out a mighty roar. . . . This deeply affecting tale of a bear who escapes cruelty to find a mythical release will resonate with all who love animals, while offering a universal message about freedom and dignity. Lovely. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 5.00 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.00
Great Bear, Ursa Major
Great Bear, Ursa Major

by Mark Gave. Lovely color illustrations by Jerry Harston. Condition: NEW 1997 GT hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ issued), no printing given. Content: Here are the original tales behind the many popular films and television shows. This book features three fascinating Greek myths: The Twelve Labors of Hercules, King Midas, and The Golden Apple. Full-color illustrations. [1 copy available.]
$ 3.09 + $ 3.09 media shipping..

Price: $ 3.09
Hercules & Other Greek Myths, Childre's Mythology

HOW WE CAME TO THE FIFTH WORLD (Como vinimos al quinto mundo) [Bilingual Tales of the Americas series]
adapted by Harriet Rohmer & Mary Anchondo. Bright colorful illustrations by Graciela Carrillo. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1988 Children's Book Press hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ issued), library binding, revised edition. Problem: I'm not happy with the binding - nothing loose, just not well bound, IMHO. Light shelf wear in the form of pale rubbings from the book being moved in and out of shelves against other books. Content: A simple retelling of the famous creation story from ancient Mexico with illustrations based on the original Indian picture writings. The Aztec elders believed that the world was created four times before our present fifth world and that the earlier worlds were destroyed because humans were selfish and ignored their gods. Our fifth world can be saved, say the Aztec elders, if people find a way to live together peacefully. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 5.49 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.49
Aztec Myths for Kids

retold by Alan Trussell-Cullen. Wonderful color illustrations by Francis Phillipps. Condition: NEW 2003 Dominie Press soft cover, first printing. Content: The Golden Fleece of Aries the Ram hangs in an olive grove in the kingdom of Colchis, far from its true home. How Jason sails to the end of the world to bring the Fleece back to Greece is dramatically retold in an epic tale of courage, determination and subtle enchantment. A retelling of Greek mythology's most ancient epic tale of the first great western hero, this book goes back to the very first recorded full version of the story written by Apollonius of Rhodes, combining Ancient Greek vase pastiche with high realsim and exciting artwork. Ages 5 - 9. [1 copy available.]
$ 3.69 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.69
Jason & Golden Fleece. Alan Trussell-Cullen

KING ARTHUR (DK Eyewitness Classics)
by Rosalind Kerven. Beautiful color illustrations which are historically accurate by Tudor Humphries. Color photos as well. Condition: Gently pre-read 1998 DK Eyewitness Classics hard cover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), no printing given. Tanning to white DJ cover edges and spine. Content: Reviewer: "The Arthurian legends continue to fascinate us as a culture and this helps introduce young readers to its many forms. Though the look of the book is a bit jumbled, its layout allows the reader to pick and choose and explore. THere is a central nicely illustrated, re-telling of the story that runs through the book, supplemented by sidebars about movies, plays or lesser known myths and characters. SHould appeal to the younger generation who does research via hyperlinks. I can see both boys and girls being interested in delving into this book. Probably most appropriate to ages 8 and above as the themes of of seduction and infidelity are not ignored." Wonderful book. Grades 4 - Adult. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.69 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.69
King Arthur, DK Classics

text and color illustrations by Tomie DePaola. Condition: NEW 1997 PaperStar soft cover, 10th printing. Content: In this legend from Mexico, a little girl, Lucinda, is proud to help her mother weave a new blanket for the Baby Jesus to be used in a Christmas procession. But when Lucinda's mother takes ill, Lucinda tangles the yarn and is unable to complete the blanket. Feeling she has ruined Christmas, Lucinda is reluctant to go to the procession until a mysterious old woman appears from the shadows and tells Lucinda, "Any gift is beautiful because it is given. Whatever you give, the Baby Jesus will love because it comes from you." Nervously, Lucinda grabs an armful of weeds, which she brings into the church. As she prays, the weeds open into dazzling red flowers that decorate the altar. The story has a simple dignity, but it is the artwork that takes center stage here. The spreads, which feature everyday occurrences (set in a generic era), are magnificently staged and colored and culminate in the last spread--Lucinda praying at a crŠche, with a profusion of poinsettias decorating the pages. An author's note gives the origin of the story as well as facts about the poinsettia plant and its Christmas connections. Ages 6 - 10. [2 copies available]
$ 5.00 + $ 2.99 media shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 5.00
The Legend of the Poinsettia, DePaola

LION AND THE OSTRICH CHICKS And Other African Folk Tales
retold & illustrated by Ashley Bryan. Cute tri-color illustrations by the Author. Condition: NEW c. 1994 Harcourt Brace hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ issued), 4th printing. School supplemental reader. Very pale, light shelf-wear scratch front cover - no loss of color. Content: Bryan presents lively, tellable stories about animal and human characters. He includes extensive dialogue and numerous songs from four previously published collections of the folklore of the Masai, Bushmen, and Hausa, and from Angola. The stories give no evidence of their African origin, which is a result of three of the sources that Bryan used being decontextualized, which was typical of African folklore collections at the turn of the century. The morals of these stories are universal in application. Bryan's lively illustrations focus on animals engaged in the action taking place in the stories. The stories can be enjoyed as narratives when read or told aloud. Grades 4 and up. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.49 + $ 2.99 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.49
Children's Afarican Folklore

retold by Bob Barton. Beautiful color illustrations by Jorina Marton. Condition: Very good + 2006 Groundwood Books (Canada) small hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), no printing given. Perused on shelf and opens to page 87. Everything else is clean & tight. Content: The stark beauty and mystery of the northern lands have always fascinated storyteller Bob Barton. Here he collects his favorite folk and fairy tales from Scandinavia, Russia, and Canada’s far north. Originally passed by word of mouth, a few of the tales were published in sources now out of print, and most were at risk of being lost forever. Stories like the magical "Reindeer Herder and the Moon" and the surprising “Raven and the Whale" are ideal for reading aloud or alone. Jirina Marton’s colorful paintings perfectly capture the spirit of these exotic lands and the timeless tales that honor them. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 2.29 + $ 2.94 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.49
Little Book of Northern Tales, Arctic Circle Folklore

MUTI'S NECKLACE: The Oldest Story in the World
by Louise Hawes. Beautiful, soft color illustrations by Rebecca Guay. Condition: NEW 2006 Houghton MIfflin hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. Content: Adapting and expanding an ancient Egyptian story, Hawes has created an original fairy tale about familial love and its power to thwart even the majesty of Pharaoh. Muti cherishes the necklace her father made for her when she was born, associating it with many happy memories. After turning 13, she leaves her beloved family to work as a servant in King Snefru's palace. Pharaoh, impressed by her beauty and grace, makes her the leader of a cohort of female rowers for his pleasure boat. When her necklace breaks and falls into the lake, she refuses to row or to accept a replacement. It is so important to her that she stands up to Pharaoh, who is now even more impressed by her determination. Where the story contrasts sharply with traditional fairy tales is in the climax: when Snefru asks Muti to become his queen, she declines, preferring to be reunited with her family. The writing style favors the more fleshed-out manner of a short story than the leanness of a folktale. Guay's lush watercolor-and-gouache paintings incorporate elements of Egyptian art and culture, including jewelry motifs, decorative geometric patterns in the scenery, and headdresses and hairstyles. The characters' faces and gestures are expressive and dramatic, and the surrounding landscape teems with life. [2 copies available]
$ 5.49 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.49
Muti's Necklace, Egyptian Legend

art by LeliaDraws. Condition: NEW package of 12 bookplates made by pacaritambo books. The peel-off label stock is heavier than most bookplate materials and is matte and not glossy. They are as perfect as possible, and we feel the subject matter is much different than you can get anywhere else. 2.5 wide x 4.0 high. Content: Adorable drawing of an Egyptian child with the symbols of her religion and culture. We can personalize your bookplate (the font is BernhardMod BT) - just email us the name. Any questions, click here to email us.
$ 4.00 + $ 2.85 first class shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 4.00
Ancient Egyptian Bookplates For Kids

art by Liberty. Condition: NEW package of 12 bookplates made by pacaritambo books. The peel-off label stock is heavier than most bookplate materials and is matte and not glossy. They are as perfect as possible, and we feel the subject matter is much different than you can get anywhere else. 3.00 wide x 4.00 high. Content: Beautiful white carousel horse decked out in pastel pinks and blues. We can personalize your bookplate (the font is Wedding Text BT) - just email us the name. Any questions, click here to email us.
$ 4.00 + $ 2.85 first class shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 4.00
Carousel Horse Bookplates

art by Fleurons. Condition: NEW package of 12 bookplates made by pacaritambo books. The peel-off label stock is heavier than most bookplate materials and is matte and not glossy. They are as perfect as possible, and we feel the subject matter is much different than you can get anywhere else. 3.0 wide x 4.0 high. Content: Beautiful and colorful lady with her multi-colored dragon (large Boa?). We can personalize your bookplate (the font is Snell Blk BT) - just email us the name. Any questions, click here to email us.
$ 4.00 + $ 2.85 first class shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 4.00
Fantasy Bookplates

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