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THE ANCIENT AMERICAN CIVILIZATIONS (History of Civilization series)
by Friedrich Katz. B&W drawings. Cover photo: Mask representing the god Quezalcoatl, Aztec, c. 1500. Condition: NEW 2000 Phoenix Press Trade Paperback, first printing. Content: Originally published in Germany in 1969. Ever since Columbus set foot on American soil ("invaded" is the correct term), and convinced he had reached India, called the native populations Indians, the origins of the aboriginal inhabitants have been hotly debated. There are few empires about which such contradictory ideas persist as those of the Inca and the Aztecs. Katz Begins his study of the ancient American civilizations - spanning the vast period from the first peoples, thirty-five to fifty thousand years ago, to the Spanish Conquest of 1517 - with a discussion of the sources of our knowledge. He describes the inhabitants, their agriculture - and the cultural sphere of Mesoamerica. Tracing the development of the civilizations of pre-Columbian America from village communities to prosperous city states, this is a fascinating account of how these civilizations culminated in the magnificent empires of the Aztecs and Inca. [1 copy available]
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Ancient American Civilizations, Katz

by Lindesey Brine. Condition: UNREAD 1996 Oracle Publishing (London), first printing. Tiny edgewear with light tanning to page edges. Name inside front cover. Content: Originally published in England in c. 1894. In 1969 an English naval officer set sail from Liverpool, intending to visit the pre-Columbian monuments of Northern and Central America. Only three years had elapsed since the American Civil War had put an end to slavery and large parts of the continent were still inhabited by native peoples, living in the traditional way. This book is the record of his epic journey, by river steamer and mule train, and is based on the diaries he kept at the time. It covers the major archaeological sites of North America, from the huge prehistoric earthworks of Ohio to the hidden Aztec temples of Mexico, with visits to the lands of the Shoshone, the Sioux, the Pawnee and the Dakotas, among many others. An intriguing tour of the great civilizations of the Americas, both ancient and recent, this personal account offers the armchair traveller the opportunity to experience all the excitement of exploration and discovery more than a hundred years ago. Excellent!!! [1 copy available]
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Ancient Earthworks & Temples of American Indians

THE ART OF MESOAMERICA: From Olmec to Aztec (Revised Edition)
by Mary Ellen Miller. Wonderful color & B&W photos, maps, drawings. Condition: UNREAD 1996 Thames & Hudson Trade Paperback, revised edition. Content: This revised edition of a noted pre-Columbian art history book will satisfy various types of readers, including travelers, armchair archaeologists, museum goers, and art history students. Inspired by new discoveries in archaeology and by major museum exhibitions, Miller (history of art, Yale) covers Mesoamerica's broad range of cultures, from Olmec to Aztec; geographic areas, including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and the Yucatan; and time periods, from archaic to postclassic. She explains how architecture, sculpture, painting, and ceramics relate to the dynamic forces of advance and decline within each culture and pays special attention to recent hieroglyphic decipherments and evidence for dating. The publication is enhanced by 193 pages of illustrations and beautiful color photography on quality paper. Covers all periods of the art of ancient Central America. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
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Art of Mesoamerica

CONVERSING WITH THE PLANETS: How Science and Myth Invented the Cosmos
by Anthony Aveni. B&W photos, charts, & Maya language charts illustrate. Condition: NEW 1994 Kodansha International Trade Paperback, first thus, first printing. Content: Probably the best book on the subject. "Aveni, a professor of astronomy and anthropology at Colgate University, seeks here to integrate--in his view, reintegrate--the rational universe with a more comforting model that takes into account "the interrelationship between matter and spirit." Such ancient astronomically inclined peoples as the Babylonians and the Mayans, he argues, made direct connections between events in the night sky and those on earth, and hence between nature and culture. The Mayans, for example, used their observations of the path of Venus to create a culturally useful myth about planting." For those interested in Mesoamerican archeoastronomy, this is an invaluable point of view for study. [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 5.49
Conversing with Planets

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE ANCIENT AMERICAS: Explore the Wonders of the Aztec, Maya, Inca, North American Indians & Arctic Peoples
by Jen Green, Fiona MacDonald, Philip Steele, Michael Stotter. Beautiful, historically accurate, color illustrations. Detailed "how-to" color photos. Condition: NEW 2001 Southwater huge, over-size soft cover, first printing. Shipping weight 3.5 pounds. Content: Reviewer: "There are 4 large sections: Aztec & Maya, Incas, North American Indians, and Arctic Peoples. Each section is set up rather like a DK book, with several color photos (and a few drawings) and text around them. There is lots of information about how each group of people lived, what they believed, some of their history, etc. There are several craft activities for each section, as well. The weakest section is the North American section, since the information for all groups is together. While readers are informed of the different types of homes, clothing, and general lifestyle between the various cultures, there is little information on any specific culture. Readers wanting information on a particular group (Cherokee, Navajo, etc.) will need an additional source. Overall, this is a very good beginning place for learning about ancient American cultures & peoples, especially for children from 5-12 years old (With 5 year olds looking at the pictures and being told a little, and perhaps doing a few crafts with help, and older children reading the text for themselves and doing the crafts alone). After reading the appropriate section of this book, readers will be ready to learn more about whatever specific group they are interested in." This is an excellent book. Over 800 photos & illustrations, including inside-view artworks of homes of the past; exciting historical models to make at home or school; and pictorial maps and timelines. For junior high and up, but all ages will appreciate, IMHO. [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 14.49
Encyclopedia of the Ancient Americas

A FAVORED PLACE: San Juan River Wetlands, Central Veracruz, A.D. 500 to the Present
by Alfred H. Siemens. B&W photos, charts, drawings, and maps illustrate. Condition: UNREAD 1998 UT Press (Austin) hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket), no printing given. Content: The wetlands of the San Juan Basin in Central Veracruz, Mexico, were a favored place for their ancient inhabitants. Around the fifth century A.D., Prehispanic people built an extensive network of canals and raised fields along the margins of lakes and rivers that allowed for almost year-round intensive agriculture. Alfred Siemens' discovery of the remaining traces of this ancient agricultural system in the 1970s led him to uncover fifteen centuries of land-use history in the region. This book contains a full record of his findings. Siemens' research contributes to knowledge in several fields. It adds a significant environmental dimension to our understanding of the Mesoamerican-European encounter in the sixteenth and succeeding centuries. And it offers a model of an ancient agricultural system that could still be used to aid in the subsistence of marginalized rural people in many tropical lowland areas. Amplified with original air oblique photography, maps, and tables, and enriched with data from both archaeology and colonial archives, this book is an authoritative historical geography of a wetland landscape. Or, in the author's more modest words, "In unbuttoned moments, it seems to me that what I have here is a biography of a swamp." [1 copy available]
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Favored Place, San Juan River, Veracruz

THE FIRST STARGAZERS: An Introduction to the Origins of Astronomy
by James Cornell. B&W photos, charts, & drawings illustrate. Condition: PLEASE READ - UNREAD, but not perfect, 1982 Scribner's hardcover and DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. Problem is top DJ edge: edge wear with small nic spine top. Interior perfect. Content: Around the world, from the moors of northern Europe to the jungles of south Asia to the deserts of the American Southwest, the scattered ruins of ancient civilizations remain to tantalize us with memories of former glories, prehistoric accomplishments, and forgotten sciences. Was astronomy one of these lost sciences? Did priest-observers once stand atop these now crumbling towers to watch the slow turning of the stars? Archaeoastronomy, a modern discipline combining astronomy and archaeology, attemps to describe the astronomical knowledge of ancient peoples through the study of unwritten records they left behind in these stone ruins. This book covers Stonehenge, Angkor Wat, Chaco Canyon, the Aztecs and Mayas. [1 copy available]
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The First Stargazers, James Cornell, Archeoastronomy

by Peter Lemesurier. B&W drawings, charts, and photos illustrate. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 2001 Element (UK) large soft cover, reprint. Light edge wear with binder's thin glue strings down spine. Interior clean. Content: White this is primarily about Egypt, there are sections on the pyramids of the Ancient Americas. For over 40 centuries, the Great Pyramid of Giza has baffled mankind as to its purpose. This book suggests that the design of the pyramid derives from a simple number code. When the pyramid is "decoded", the message that unfolds seems to be a blueprint for mankind that can be compared with the more recent prophecies of St Malachy, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and others. The author has also uncovered links between the pyramid's picture of Man's place in the universe and the religious traditions of Egypt, Palestine, India, and even Central America. [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 10.50
Great Pyramid Decoded, Lemesurier

by Roman Pisa Chan. B&W drawings and photos; color photos and maps. Condition: Good only, c. 1971 Minutae Mexicana paperback, no printing given. Content: This book, although old, is wonderful source of photos - some I've never seen before. Chan takes the reader through the ages of Mescoamerican archaeology, beginning with the Remote Ages & the Pre-Classic Horizon to the Post-Classic Horizon. Informative and easy to read. Strikes me as a book that was probably sold at archaeological tourist sites in Mexico. Older, but worth it. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 6.49
Guide to Mexican Archaeology

IN THE TRAIL OF THE WIND: American Indian Poems and Ritual Orations
edited by John Bierhorst. B&W artwork throughout. Condition: UNREAD, BUT NOT PERFECT, 1972 Farrar, Straus hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket), second printing. Problems: book was a gift so - DJ is price-clipped with a gift inscription on the loose end page (which could be covered with a bookplate). Light edge wear to top DJ edge. Interior clean & tight. Content: A story--and history--reaching back thousands of years unfolds in this diverse and unusual collection of Native American poetry, which gathers dozens of works that have been translated from over forty languages. Representing all the best-known Indian peoples of North and South America, In the Trail of the Wind is a cross-cultural anthology--the first of its kind--that brings into focus the similarities between tribes as widely separated as the Sioux and the Aztec, the Cherokee and the ancient Maya. Here we find an array of omens, battle songs, orations, love lyrics, prayers, dreams, and mysteries incantations. Beginning with the origin of the earth and the emergence of humanity, the sequence of poems proceeds through that rituals of birth, love, war, and death to the foreshadowing of the Conquest, the days of despair, and, finally, the apocalyptic visions of a new life. Editor Bierhorst also offers a detailed Introduction; a richly thorough Notes section on the translators, meanings, contexts, and specific references of these poems; and a complete Glossary of Tribes, Cultures, and Languages. In the Trail of the Wind concludes with a Suggestions for Further Reading page. [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 15.79
In the Trail of the Wind, Bierhorst

OAXACA: The Archaeological Record
by Marcus Winter. B&W dig drawings and photos. Condition: UNREAD 1999 Minutiae Mexicana. S.A. de C.V. Trade PB, second edition, fourth printing. Tiny edgewear. Content: Ongoing explorations in Oaxaca are adding new data to The Archaeological Record, and confirming that a number of native groups contributed to make it a high culture area; it was the site of Mesoamerica's first great city - Monte Alban; and homeland of two of ancient America's writing systems - Zapotec and Mixtec; and its mortuary customs were elaborate, and its extraordinary ceramic sculpture. This is the perfect book to guide you through the sites if you are planning a trip to Monte Alban. Marcus Winter is a researcher in the Archaeology Section of the Oaxaca Regional Center of the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 8.49
Oaxaca Archaeological Record

by Franco Monti. Translated from the Italian by Margaret Crossland. Beautiful color photos of artifacts. Condition: Very good, gently pre-read 1969 Paul Hamlyn (London) small hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket), new edition. No problems: just pre-read. Content: It is one of the mysteries of Precolumbian art that the earliest objects are as technically advanced as the later ones, a fact which can clearly be seen in the color illustrations. Franco Monti's erudite and fascinating text brings once more to life the civilisation destroyed by European conquerors. [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 5.49
PreColumbian Terracottas, Monti

TEOTIHUACAN: The city and its momuments
by Adrian Garcia Valades. Mostly color photos (although there are some B&W photos) and B&W drawings illustrate. Condition: Pre-read 1976 Dicesa (Mexico) small soft cover, second edition. Tiny edgewear with pale crease top front cover corner. Interior clean & tight. Small tag removal mark top front cover. Content: Most likely this book was written for the visitors to the City - but that doesn't mean it isn't an interesting and worthwhile historical document. From an explanation of the names in the city to the use of the buildings and design details, this is a wonderful insight into one of the New World's most beautiful cities. Loaded with graphics and photos. [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 9.50
Teotihuacan, Valades

by Rosa Brambila, The National Museum of Anthropology (Mexico). Beautiful color photos by Adrian Garcia Valades and Silvia Gomex Tagle. Condition: Pre-read 1986 National Museum of Anthropology - GV Editores soft cover, second edition. Very light, pale diagonal crease front cover. Content: Most likely this book was written for the visitors to the city and museum. Loaded with graphics and photos. Excellent floor plans and a history of the city. [1 copy available]
$ 7.50 + $ 3.29 media shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 7.50
Teotihuacan, Brambila

TEOTIHUACAN: The City of the Gods
by Adrian Garcia Valades. Beautiful color photos of all the sections of the city. Pull-out map of the city in color. Condition: UNREAD 1986 GV (Mexico) soft cover, fourteenth edition. 2-3 small rubbings front cover borders. Content: Most popular publicatins on the archaeological zone of Teotihuacan are devoted principaly to two of the best known structures: the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. It should be made clear, however, that these magnificient buildings form part of what was the ceremonial and administrative center of one of the largest pre-industrial cities of the world. This guide offers, to the non-specialist reader, a general view of the economic, urban and social development of the first metropolis in America. [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 7.50
Teotihuacan, red

art by Julioaldana. Condition: NEW package of 12 bookplates made by pacaritambo books. The peel-off label stock is heavier than most bookplate materials and is matte and not glossy. They are as perfect as possible, and we feel the subject matter is much different than you can get anywhere else. 2.5" H x 4.0" W. We can personalize your bookplate (the font is Hobo BT) - just email us the name. Any questions, click here to email us. Content: The representation of jaguars in Mesoamerican cultures has a long history, with iconographic examples dating back to at least the mid-Formative period of Mesoamerican chronology. The jaguar (Panthera onca) is an animal with a prominent association and appearance in the cultures and belief systems of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican societies. All major Mesoamerican civilizations prominently featured a jaguar god, and for many, such as the Olmec, the jaguar was an important part of shamanism. Shamans often associate the jaguar as a spirit companion or nagual, which will protect the shamans from evil spirits while they move between the earth and the spirit realm. (Wikipedia).
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Price: $ 4.00
Mesoamerican Jaguar Bookplates

art by Airi Pung. Condition: NEW package of 12 bookplates made by pacaritambo books. The peel-off label stock is heavier than most bookplate materials and is matte and not glossy. They are as perfect as possible, and we feel the subject matter is much different than you can get at anywhere else. 4.0" H x 3.0" W. We can personalize your bookplate (the font is CroissantD) - just email us the name. Any questions, click here to email us. Content: This is a rendering of the Maya Calendar (T'zolkin) from ancient carvings with time divisions.
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Price: $ 4.00
T'zolkin Bookplates

Maya Image