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by John Farndon. Beautiful color photos (Terra Cotta Warriors front cover and Petra on the title page) throughout with color drawings and a few B&W era photos as well. Condition: NEW 2010 Miles Kelly (UK) large soft cover, first printing. Content: This book explains why Archaeology is important and provides projects, quizzes, fun facts, and a few cartoons. Find out how archeologists excavate a site, take a look at the oldest human remains, and learn all aboaut prehistoric cave art. Excellent. Junior High School and up. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.59 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.59
100 Facts Archeology

ANCIENT ASTRONOMY (Isaac Asimov's Library of the Universe series)
by Isaac Asimov. Wonderful color and B&W drawings by various artists. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1991 Dell Yearling soft cover, first printing. Cover shows moderate edgewear with a pricing note inside front cover. Content: The Babylonians and other ancient peoples were stargazers. They looked up at night, wondered at what they saw, and came up with remarkable answers. They studied the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars to create sundials, calendars, and star maps of astonishing accuracy. In this book, Asimov talks about the fascinating ways that ancient astronomers started us on our quest for knowledge of the cosmos. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 2.59 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.50
Asimov's Ancient Astronomy

ARCHAEOLOGY (Kingfisher Knowledge series)
by Trevor Barnes. Foreword by Tony Robinson. Wonderful color photos and drawings plus color maps and some B&W era photos. Excellent selection. Condition: NEW 2004 Kingfisher hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ issued), first printing. Content: Reviewer: "This is the sort of book that excites students and encourages them to dig deeper, great for engaging classroom discussions about civilizations of the past. The photo layout is excellent and the graphics, maps and models are wonderfully informative. The easy-to-read text is adequate for general overviews but has not been carefully edited - some glaring typos (like the "3000 A.D." Mesopotamia on page 11) make me doubt the accuracy of the reporting. That said, this reasonably-priced book is still an excellent choice for elementary and middle school libraries, and casual and beginning researchers will find this book scintillating and inspiring." Combining high-interest topics with colorful, eye-catching graphics, these sweeping surveys in the Kingfisher Knowledge series are tailor-made for hooking middle-graders, casual browsers, and reluctant older readers. In Archaeology, Barnes talks up the excitement of hands-on study of the past in a whirlwind tour of renowned finds, f rom Catal Huyuk to Great Zimbabwe. Platt offers quick looks at communications media, from bee dances to DVDs, before closing with vague comments on the perils of censorship and advertising. In both volumes, text blocks and big color photos or reconstructed scenes occupy roughly equal space on topical spreads, which are grouped into chapters, each of which concludes with a terse chapter summary plus sparse assortments of book citations, URLs, and brief definitions of relevant careers. Includes web sites, book lists, and places to explore. Grades 4 - 6+. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 9.59 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 9.59
Archaeology, Kingfisher Knowledge series

ARCHAEOLOGY (Kingfisher Knowledge series)
by Trevor Barnes. Foreword by Tony Robinson. Wonderful color photos and drawings plus color maps and some B&W era photos. Excellent selection. Condition: NEW 2007 Kingfisher over-sized soft cover, first printing. Content: Reviewer: "This is the sort of book that excites students and encourages them to dig deeper, great for engaging classroom discussions about civilizations of the past. The photo layout is excellent and the graphics, maps and models are wonderfully informative. The easy-to-read text is adequate for general overviews but has not been carefully edited - some glaring typos (like the "3000 A.D." Mesopotamia on page 11) make me doubt the accuracy of the reporting. That said, this reasonably-priced book is still an excellent choice for elementary and middle school libraries, and casual and beginning researchers will find this book scintillating and inspiring." Combining high-interest topics with colorful, eye-catching graphics, these sweeping surveys in the Kingfisher Knowledge series are tailor-made for hooking middle-graders, casual browsers, and reluctant older readers. In Archaeology, Barnes talks up the excitement of hands-on study of the past in a whirlwind tour of renowned finds, f rom Catal Huyuk to Great Zimbabwe. Platt offers quick looks at communications media, from bee dances to DVDs, before closing with vague comments on the perils of censorship and advertising. In both volumes, text blocks and big color photos or reconstructed scenes occupy roughly equal space on topical spreads, which are grouped into chapters, each of which concludes with a terse chapter summary plus sparse assortments of book citations, URLs, and brief definitions of relevant careers. Includes web sites, book lists, and places to explore. Grades 4 - 6+. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 8.59 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 8.59
Archaeology, Kingfisher Knowledge series

THE ARCHAEOLOGIST'S HANDBOOK: The Insider's Guide to Digging Up The Past
by Philip Ardagh. Foreword by Sandi Toksvig. B&W drawings by Kevin Maddison plus B&W photos & charts. Condition: NEW 2002 Faber & Faber (London) Trade Paperback, first printing. Content: This book takes a look at the role of archaeologists from the discovery of an artefact or archaeological site to the identification, dating, preservation, restoration and understanding of what has been found. This book looks at everything from the most basic archaaeological techniques to the latest technological advances used to assist the modern archaeologist. The book has a glossary of terms in the back and a section on the stories behind the most famous discoveries. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.59 + $ 2.94 media shipping. Priority & International shipping available.

Price: $ 4.59
Archaeologist's Handbook, Ardagh, Young Adult Science

by Stephen Buchmann and Diana Cohn. Wonderful, detailed color illustrations by Paul Mirocha. Color maps. Condition: NEW 2007 Cinco Puntos paperback, first printing. Content: "Entomologist Stephen Buchmann and award-winning children's book author Diana Cohn present The Bee Tree, a stunning children's picturebook based on the real-life traditions of honey hunters of Malaysia's indigenous people, who use special techniques to collect honey from dangerous, 1-inch long giant honeybees of the rainforest. Though fierce, the giant wild honeybees are also a critical link of the rainforest's ecology, and are deeply respected by the honey hunters. The Bee Tree recounts the legend of Hitam Manis, a servant girl who became transformed into a bee, and tells of the many precautions honey hunters take to avoid being stung (such as collecting honey only on moonless nights, and sending sparks to the ground to lure away guardian bees from the honeycomb), all through the eyes of a young boy being schooled in ancient ways. Illustrator Paul Mirocha made five trips to Malaysia to perfectly capture the color, life, and near-magical wonder of the Malaysian rainforest and its bees in this wonderful picturebook, supplemented at the end with a section of amazing facts about Malaysia's rainforests, bee trees with up to one hundred bee honeycombs, and honey hunters." Questions welcome. [1 copy left]
$ 5.50 + $ 3.09 media shipping. International shipping available on arrangement. Email us.

Price: $ 5.50
Bee Tree, Malaysia

by Norman Schmidt. Color photos of completed airplanes with step-by-step drawings. Condition: UNREAD 1995 Sterling-Tamos soft cover, first printing. Content: Sleek, slick, and beautiful, this volume is just the ticket for paper-airplane enthusiasts. The 18 projects are sophisticated and demanding, designed to be constructed carefully, and arranged in order of increasing complexity. Schmidt begins with a brief discussion of how an airplane flies, followed by a glossary of aeronautical terms. The first four models involve a single sheet of paper carefully scored and folded; the remainder require folding, cutting, gluing, and, often, more than one piece of paper. Background information for each model includes similarities to real-life airplanes based on the particular shape of their fuselage and wing. The book features crisp white diagrams, clear black-type, step-by-step instructions, yellow boxes of special construction information, and magnified views of tricky sections. Anyone studying flight would learn a great deal from these models and have fun in the process. Questions welcome. Grades 4 and up. [1 copy available]
$ 3.49 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.49
Best Ever Paper Airplanes

BLOOD and GUTS: A Working Guide to Your Own Insides (a Brown Paper School book)
by Linda Allison. Assisted by David Katz, Ph.D. Cute B&W illustrations with detailed "how-to" drawings for the experiments. Condition: Gently pre-read 1976 Little Brown hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket). Gift inscription inside front cover with price-clipped DJ. No major problems; just pre-read. Content: Clever text that is accessible for middle school through high school. The book discusses the elements of the human body. Includes suggestions for related experiments and projects. Reviewer: "Great for Reluctant Readers. This book meets National Standards for 5-8 Human Body Standards. It is great for ALL students at the middle level because it is kid friendly, readable, and has great simple lab activities that add to learning." Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.49 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.49
Blood & Guts, Brown Paper Book

by Jimmy Liao. Translated from the Chinese. Beautiful color illustrations by the Author. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 2007 Little Brown Kids hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ as issued), first edition, first printing. Problem: a few pale impressions front board. Content: From internationally renowned author and illustrator Jimmy Liao comes a new enchanting and evocative journey. Breathtaking illustrations and a haunting story take readers on a wondrous voyage around the world. A large, beautiful blue stone is discovered in a forest. It is cut in half, and one half stays in the forest while the other starts on a long and mystical journey through many places, many owners, and many transformations. It begins as a statue of an elephant, admired by museum goers, and then becomes a carved bird residing in an elderly woman's garden. It becomes a moon, a cat, a necklace, and more, until it finally returns to the forest. The Blue Stone is a powerful tale of different life paths and possibilities, a longing for home, and love. Beautiful color illustrations and much food for thought for early readers to young adult. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 16.49 + $ 3.40 media shipping. Priority & International shipping available - email us for cost.

Price: $ 16.49
The Blue Stone, Jimmy Liao

by James M. Deem. Spectacular color photos of mummies & artifacts illustrate. Condition: NEW 2000 Houghton Mifflin soft cover (42 pages), fourth printing. Content: For budding archaeologists, or any child interested in exploring scientific mysteries, Deem's straightforward text and superior choice of photographs (many of them taken at the sites where naturally mummified bog bodies have been found) unfold a compelling story of Iron Age Man. The few hundred bodies discovered since the 1600s are, for the most part, remarkably well-preserved. The damp, cool soil of ancient peat bogs kept the bodies intact for 2500-3000 years, so much so that scientists have been able to discover what these ancestors ate and, in many cases, how they died. Because many bog bodies appear to have died by violence, scientists suspect they were victims of human sacrifice. One close-up, of a body named "the Tollund man" (after the bog where it was found), reveals a peaceful face that looks to be serenely sleeping. This, and other photographs will not soon be forgotten. Not for everyone, this is a memorable and worthwhile effort. Ages 9 - 12 and up. Questions welcome. [2 copies available]
$ 5.49 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.49
Bodies From the Bog

BUGS BEFORE TIME: Prehistoric Insects and Their Relatives
by Cathy Camper. Excellent detailed color illustrtions by Steve Kirk. Condition: UNREAD,BUT NOT PERFECT, 2002 Simon & Schuster hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ), first printing. Problem: some child used a ballpoint pen to draw 5 short lines bottom loose endpage. I can't get these markings out. Most likely this was done at the bookstore. The interior is perfect - clean & tight. Content: Did you know that for every pound of people on earth, there are 300 pounds of insects? Or that millions of years ago some of these bugs actually weighed that much? Well, during prehistoric times, before dinosaurs ruled the earth, bugs did; and just like today the seas, skies, and lands were covered by these creepy-crawlers. There were dragonflies with wings that reached a yard across in length, and millipedes that grew to over six feet long! But what is even more fascinating is the fact that all of these creatures in some form or another learned to adapt and survive to become the insects and sea beasts of today. In this fully illustrated picture book, readers will be captivated by the detailed information of prehistoric insects, arachnids, and their relatives. Chock-full of facts about fossil formation, insect evolution, flight theories, and geologic time, Bugs Before Time will mesmerize entomologists of all ages. Author Cathy Camper's absorbing text, and artist Steve Kirk's extraordinary paintings combine to re-create a world where giants reigned. Wonderful section on my favorite fossil, Trilobites (see the 2nd graphic here). Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 7.97 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 7.97
Bugs Before Time, Fossils
Bugs Before Time, Fossils

BURIED BENEATH US: Discovering the Ancient Cities of the Americas
by Anthony Aveni. Wonderful B&W illustrations by Katherine Roy. Condition: NEW 2013 Roaring Brook Press hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), 1st edition, 1st printing. ONE PROBLEM: shelf-wear small "chip" top back DJ edge. Content: A beautifully illustrated look at the forces that help cities grow—and eventually cause their destruction—told through the stories of the great civilizations of ancient America. You may think you know all of the American cities. But did you know that long before New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Boston ever appeared on the map—thousands of years before Europeans first colonized North America—other cities were here? They grew up, fourished, and eventually disappeared in the same places that modern cities like St. Louis and Mexico City would later appear. In the pages of this book, you'll find the astonishing story of how they grew from small settlements to booming city centers—and then crumbled into ruins. Perfect for home schooling and public school libraries. Let's get kids interested in our own "ancient" history. Aveni also engages readers in a discussion of "what makes/what is" a city. Sort of a Mumford for kids. Great! Questions welcome. [1 copy left.]
$ 11.39 + $ 3.40 media shipping.

Price: $ 11.39
Buried Beneath Us, Ancient American cities

CASEY'S ALLERGIES: A Booklet for Parents and Children (FREE BOOK)
by Dr. Paul Erlich. Color art by the winners of the Children's Claritin Art Contest. Condition: UNREAD Claritin soft cover, no printing given, no ISBN. Content: This is an excellent book on allergies for both kids and their parents - explains what allergies are and how to combat and prevent them. No where in the narrative is the product "Claritin" mentioned, but it is on the covers. I have allergies and asthma and I'm offering this book for only the shipping cost in the hope that it will benefit an allergy sufferer. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 0.00 + $ 2.54 media shipping.

Price: $ 0.00
Casey's Allergies

CRAFTY IDEAS FROM NATURE (Step-By_Step Projects for Kids)
by Myrna Daitz & Shirley Williams. Great color step-by-step illustrations by Gillian Chapman. Condition: NEW 1994 Exley Gift Books Trade Paperback, 4th printing. Content: 25 exciting step-by-step projects to make and do for kids. Environmentally-friendly. Projects include coconut bird feeders, feather headdesses, sand paintings, dried flowers and bottle gardens. Great for homeschooling, also. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.50 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.50
Crafty Ideas from Nature

CREEPY CRAWLIES: A Pocket Pop-up Book
Walker Books. Bright vivid color "creatures." Paper engineering by Gus Clarke. 4 x 0.8 x 4.5 inches Condition: NEW 2012 Walker Books (UK) small pop-up book (heavy stock) in a slipcase, assumed first edition. Content: Such an interesting book on many levels: information on some of the world's most common and deadly insects PLUS the book folds out accordion-style with pop-ups on the front and back of the "accordion." From the Asian Giant Hornet (largest hornet in the world) to North American Millipede to Mexican Red-Kneed Tarantula, the creepy crawlies are well represented. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 5.49 + $ 3.19 first class shipping.

Price: $ 5.49
Creepy Crawlies Insects, Pop-Up

DANCING ON THE SAND: A Story of an Atlantic Blue Crab
by Kathleen M. Hollenbeck. Color illustrations by Joanie Popeo. Condition: NEW 1999 Sound Prints/Smithsonian Oceanic Collection small hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ), first edition, first printing. Warm & colorful illustrations. Content: Blue Crab scuttles through the shallow waters of the Chesapeake Bay to find a mate, to molt, and to avoid predators while waiting for her eggs to hatch. While this "lesson" is in the form of fiction, it is an excellent recreation of the life of a Chesapeake Bay (Md. and Va.) Blue Crab. For ages 4 and up.
$ 2.29 + $ 2.94 shipping.

Price: $ 2.29
Dancing In Sand

DESERT GIANT: The World of the Saguaro Cactus
by Barbara Bash. Color illustrations by the author. Condition: UNREAD 1993 Scholastic softcover, first printing. Only flaw: bookplate stamp on flyleaf. Wonderful color illustrations. Content: This is a book dedicated to the life cycle, beauty and usefulness of the Saguaro Cactus of the American Southwest. The illustrations are detailed with clear descriptive text. First we see the beginning of life of the cactus and then we see how the desert dwellers make use of it - from the birds, to the coyote, javalina, bats, and the O'odham Indians. This is one of the best nature books for children I've yet encountered. I certainly have't done it justice with my description.
$ 3.69 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.69
Desert Giant, Sagurao

by Robert Muir Wood. Fabulous color drawings, cutaways, and "how-they-did-it illustrations in the DK-style. Condition: UNREAD 1998 Horus (UK) large soft cover, third impression. Light edge wear. Content: This is one fabulous book for kids and home schooling (unless you think the world is only 5,000 years old.) How old is the Earth? When did the dinosaurs disappear? What were the first tropical rain forests like? What was life like for people in the distant past? In the pages of this book you will lean how evidence is gathered, analyzed and pieced together, so that questions like these can be answered. Fascinating illustrations reveal the work behind excavations and reconstructions and show how secrets from the past can be drawn from rocks and fossils. Lucid text and labels clearly explain the complex methods used by archaeologists, geologists and other scientists in discovering the distant past. Wood is an international consultant on Earth sciences and has been on many scientific expeditions. He is author of several books, including The Picture Atlas of Prehistoric Life and has been a regular contributor to the New Scientist magazine. In his spare time he enjoys telling stories about prehistoric animals to his three young children. Questions welcome. [1 copy available.]
$ 3.59 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.59
Discovering Prehistory

DRAGON IN THE ROCKS: A Story Based on the Childhood of the Early Paleontologist Mary Anning
text & great color illustrations by Marie Day. Condition: Very gently pre-read 1994 Owl hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ), first printing. No major problems - just pre-read. Content: From the book: Mary Anning was a real person. With the help of her mother she continued to search for fossils, and she spent the rest of her life digging in the cliffs at Lyme Regis for mysterious creatures from the past. If you go to the Natural History Museum in London, look for a creature with teeth like razors and an eye much bigger than your mother's biggest plate; and if the creature is longer than four men put together and has flippers shaped like paddles, then you too have found Mary's dragon in the rocks. This is the story of her first find - an Ichthyosaur - a giant fish-lizard that lived in the ocean millions of years ago. Neat book for budding scientists. [1 copy available]
$ 3.69 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.69
Dragon In the Rocks, Mary Anning

DRAW WILD ANIMALS (Draw Science Series)
by Nina Kidd. B&W drawings illustrate the how-to-draw factor. Condition: Very Good 1992 Lowell House large softcover, first printing. Name stamped inside front cover with small edgewear and short peeling bottom front hinge. The interior appears unread/unused. Content: Excellent how-to illustrations to help kids learn to draw their favorite wild animal. Includes text about the animal and it's nature. Questions welcome.
$ 2.69 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.69
Draw Wild Animals

EARTHQUAKES AND VOLCANOES (Usborne Understanding Geography)
by Fiona Watt. Wonderful detailed color illustrations by Jeemy Gower and Chris Shields. Condition: UNREAD 1994 Scholastic soft cover, 5th printing. Light tanning to white cover edges. Content: This book is an introduction to the puzzling processes that cause earthquakes and volcanoes. You will learn about the structure of the Earth, how and why earthquakes occur, the different types of volcanic eruptions and also take a close look at their wide-ranging and sometimes devastating effects. Excellent. Junrio High School level, IMHO. Questions welcome.
$ 2.69 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.69
Earthquakes & Volcanoes for children

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PRESERVED PEOPLE: Pickled, Frozen and Mummified Corpses from Around the World
by Natalie Jane Prior. Great color photos plus entertaining color drawings by Karen Carter. Condition: NEW 2003 Crown hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ issued), first printing. Content: Preserved people can tell us things that skeletons can't-hairstyles and tattoos can tell us what people looked like, full stomachs can tell us what thev ate, and autopsies can reveal what diseases they suffered. With sections on Egyptian mummies, bog bodies, Einstein's brain, and the Ice Man, The Encyclopedia of Preserved People provides a fascinating look at those men, women, and children whose bodies have been preserved until the present day. It proves that history is not about dull dates, but about people who laughed, cried, ate, and worked, just like us-yet who were also incredibly different. It includes an index and a bibliography and is illustrated by over 30 full-color photographs. Ages 9 - 12. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 5.89 + $ 3.19 media shipping. Priority shipping available.

Price: $ 5.89
Encyclopedia of Preserved People, Children's Science Books

by Joyce Pope. Color illustrations by Chris Forsey. Condition: NEW 1994 Troll softcover edition, first printing. Tiny edgewear. Interior clean & tight. Content: A good introduction to the subject, adequately illustrated with full-color drawings. Pope uses clear, easy-to-understand language to explain what fossils are, how they were formed, and how and where readers can collect them. She also describes the kinds of information these remains tell about the history of the earth and creatures of the past. A good index and short glossary increase the book's usefulness in classrooms and home schooling. Grades 3 - 6. [1 copy available]
$ 2.69 + $ 2.94 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.69
Fossil Detective

FOSSILS Tell of Long Ago (Soar To Success Reading Level 3) [Revised Edition]
text and color illustrations by Aliki. Condition: NEW 2003 Millbrook Press soft cover, first printing. Content: In this revised edition, Aliki has revamped the previous four-color edition with lively full-color illustrations, also adding the pointed, conversational observations of children as they make discoveries along with readers. In clear, precise language, she explains how dinosaur tracks are cast in mud, how insects trapped in sticky tree sap harden into amber, and how fossils of tropical plants are found in very cold places. The children populating these pages are boys and girls of every color, on foot or in wheelchair, all of them active observers with scientific curiosities; they are apparently making these discoveries in a museum, marveling and enjoying the bits of history cast in stone. The book closes with a suggestion for creating a one-minute fossil by making a clay imprint of a hand, letting it dry, and burying it for someone to find a million years from now. School and public libraries will want to replace the old edition with this one. [1 copy available]
$ 2.59 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.59
Fossils Tell of Long Ago, Science for Kids
Fossils Tell of Long Ago, Science for Kids

HOW DO WE DREAM? And Other Questions about Your Body
by Jack Myers. Neat, fun color illustrations. Condition: NEW 1994 Boyds Mills Press large soft cover, third printing. Content: Science questions and answers from Highlights for Children. Ages 9 - 12. Questions welcome [1 copy available]
$ 2.69 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.69
How Do We Dream, Highlights For Children

ICE AGE MAMMOTH: Will This Ancient Giant Come Back to Life?
by Barbara Hehner. Color illustrations by Mark Hallett. Condition: NEW 2001 Crown Publishers large hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket) [12.3 x 9.3 x 0.3 (30+ pages)]. Tiny shelfwear. Beautiful and detailed color illustrations by Hallett. Content: Beginning with the magnificent find in 1997 of the Jarkov Mammoth frozen into the Siberian permafrost, Hehner presents what is positively known about such Ice Age creatures and what is surmised by studies of their modern-day cousins, the elephants. She covers physiology, diet, habitat, behavior, and the possible reasons for their extinction, as well as mammoth evolution, the causes of ice ages, the use of "land bridges" in prehistoric migrations, and the relationship between the mammoth and prehistoric man. The author discusses the possibility of cloning a mammoth should the Jarkov find provide usable DNA or even undamaged frozen sperm. The brief, readable text is larded with information boxes, maps, and color photos. Unfortunately, the material included on the Jarkov Mammoth is minimal, as scientists are thawing the great beast at a slow rate, and it will be some time before their findings are evaluated, written up, and made public. The whole is enriched by Hallett's dramatic paintings, presenting Pleistocene landscapes and their inhabitants in great detail. Slim, colorful, and informative. Grades 5 - 7.
$ 6.69 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 6.69
Ice Age Mammoth
Ice Age Mammoth

by Robert D. Ballard (Discoverer of the Titanic). Perfect color photos, maps, diagrams, and drawings. Condition: Pre-read 1990 Madison Press large hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), no printing given. The interior is clean & tight, but the DJ has serious edgewear and a tear at the top front panel at flap. The top front book corner has sustained the same fate as the DJ. Content: The importance of science is underlined in this undersea archeological adventure that discovers and explores an ancient Roman ship. In addition to the romance of an archeological search and the adventure of ships and storms at sea, Ballard shows how the principles of science are used to design and create state-of-the-art searching tools such as robot systems and fiber-optic cables. The story is narrated by Ballard, discoverer of the Titantic and Bismark wrecks. Beautiful full-color photographs illustrate scenes and action; clear, colorful diagrams explain ideas and concepts. This contemporary account is interspersed with imaginative sections that tell the story of Roman shipping in the second century C.E. from the point of view of Antonius, a 14-year-old Roman boy who is aboard the Isis when she sinks. A book that will be popular for reading aloud in the lower grades, and useful as well as interesting for older readers. This book has been recommended for ages 2 - 8 - but there's no way a child as young as 2 - 5 can appreciate this book, IMHO. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.50 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.50
Lost Wreck of the Isis

by Peter & Belia Nichols (of Austin). B&W maps and illustrations by Linda Battles-Herron and Beth Newman. Condition: INSCRIBED on Title Page by the authors and illustrator Linda Battles-Herron. UNREAD 1992 Eakin Press hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ), first edition. Content: Covers the archaeology of North America (and northern Mexico) from the first Americans to the anasazi to the Mound Builders. Excellent into to archaeology for kids. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 6.50 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 6.50
Mastodon Hunters to Mound Builders

by Edward Edelson. B&W drawings & era photos illustrate. Condition: NEW 2000 Oxford Univ. Press soft cover, second printing. Content: Before Mendel's experiments with plants, there was only folk wisdom and the general acceptance that offspring-plant, animal, and human-resemble their parents. Even at the time of his death in 1884, Mendel's work was not widely known in the scientific community. This biography provides details of the scientist's life and his experiments as well as the political and social context of his times. Sidebars in some of the chapters are listed in the table of contents, making it easy to locate the discussion of such related topics as "Heredity before Mendel," "Mendel and Darwin," "Did Mendel Cheat?" and "The Human Genome Project." A two-page chronology tracks important events in his life and the vital contributions he made to the study of genetics. Black-and-white photographs, reproductions of artwork, and pages from the scientist's notebooks and manuscripts accompany the text. Grades 7 and up. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.29 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.29
Gregor Mendel, Edelson

MICRO MONSTERS: Extreme Encounters with Invisible Armies
by Kingfisher. Condition: NEW 2011 Kingfisher paperback, 1st printing. Stunning and accurate color photos & drawings illustrate. Very educational. Not a book, however, for a child who is terrified of bugs aleady. Content: Focus your eyes on the world of micro monsters, a realm teeming with creepy creatures that you never knew existed. From tiny insects feasting on plant matter to the nearly invisible beasts that infiltrate our bodies, there are more small criters living on Earth than all other types of animals combined. What does it take to survive in this strife-ridden realm, where cannibalism is common and enemies are indestructible? Perfect for teachers and homeschoolers. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.69 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.69
Micro Monsters, Insects, Science  for Kids

MIDNIGHT SCIENCE: Science Games & Activities To Keep You Up All Night
by Russell Ginns. B&W illustrations by Dan Brawner. Condition: NEW 1994 Freeman large soft cover, no printing given. Content: Three young scientists are locked into a huge museum after hours. Staying one step ahead of the befuddled security guard, the youngsters, along with the readers, stay up all night with games, activities, and fun facts. By the author of Puzzlooney. Black-and-white illustrations. Ages 8 to 12. Excellent for homeschooling. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 2.69 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.69
MIdnight Science, Science Projects for Kids

by Charlotte Wilcox. Great color photos & some B&W photos. Condition: NEW 2000 Carolrhoda hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. Content: The author of the award-winning Mummies & Their Mysteries (1993) returns to the intriguing subject of mummies. Here she explains how they are formed, how scientists use a variety of sophisticated techniques to learn about peoples and cultures of long ago, and some of the controversies surrounding the study of human remains. As with the previous title, the photographs presented here are striking, from the Inca child who appears on the front cover, to the mummy of Egyptian King Seti I, which appears on the back. Other photographs show some of the first tattoos, details of the Iceman, an Italian child who died of smallpox 400 years ago, the remains of light-haired Caucasian mummies from Xinjiang, China, and the well-preserved bodies of Philip Calvert, governor of Maryland from 1660 to 1661. The science is impressive, as carbon-14 dating, CT scans, DNA profiling, and X-rays are used to solve ancient mysteries. What were the people like? What did they eat? When did they die? What caused their death? What were the diseases they suffered? The author also discusses the controversies as different cultures clash over studying human remains. She mentions the Native American Graves Protection and Reparation Act which gives Native Americans control over native remains buried on government land or held in collections owned or funded by the government, and discusses former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's, efforts to house Egyptian mummies in a more dignified way. Though Wilcox discusses respect for the dead, she nonetheless pictures the controversial "Human Body Art" of German artist Gunther von Hagens, and "Sylvester," a mummy used to greet customers in a shop in Seattle. Also pictured are the remains of an outlaw put on display for 65 years as a moneymaking exhibit for a funeral parlor. The author concludes with a glossary, extensive bibliography including Web sites, and a detailed index. Intriguing science, dramatically presented. Ages 9 - 13. Questions welcome. [1 copies left]
$ 5.00 + $ 3.29 media shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 5.00
Mummies, Bones & Body parts, Wilcox

MY FIRST GREEN BOOK: A life-size guide to caring for our environment
by Angela Wilkes. Great color, step-by-step detailed color "how-to" photos. All photos are in color. It's the DK way. Condition: NEW 1996 DK over-size hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ issued), second printing. Content: Aimed at a younger audience than most recent guides to becoming a "green" consumer, this oversized volume explains environmental concerns clearly without oversimplifying them. In addition to delivering her message succinctly, Wilkes provides hands-on activities that demonstrate the importance of pitching in to protect our planet. Similar in format to the publisher's popular Eyewitness series, the book is filled with large-scale, color photos that effectively illustrate such experiments as those that show how clean the air is, how acid rain affects plants, how various objects biodegrade at different rates (if at all) and why rain forests are so crucial to the Earth. Other projects include creating a wildlife garden in a flower box, planting a tree and organizing a "green campaign" with one's friends. This practical book teaches critical lessons that even the youngest readers should learn. Ages 7-10. [1 copy left]
$ 7.59 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 7.59
My First Green Book
My First Green Book

by James Cross Giblin. B&W photos and drawings illustrate. Condition: Gently pre-read, IF at all, 2000 Scholastic soft cover, first printing. "Word" on fore edges. Interior perfect. Content: With the pacing of an ace detective, Giblin unveils the painstaking steps in artist and naturalist Charles Willson Peale's 1801 discovery of mammoth bones. Through a third-person narration of Peale's experience, Giblin establishes these fossils' revolutionary importance to science, technology and social history, beginning with Peale's exploratory digs, his assemblage of the first skeleton and its subsequent exhibition and controversy. Structuring the text in this way allows Giblin to deftly paint a turn-of-the-19th-century world and to demonstrate how this finding shook prevailing scientific and religious beliefs and contributed to current theories of evolution and extinction. Readers will devour the details that contrast Peale's time to today, such as the harrowing journey from Philadelphia to upstate New York (it took a day and a half just to get from Philadelphia to New York City, before sailing up the Hudson River in the days before steam power), a trip that today takes three hours, and President Thomas Jefferson's personal interest in and professional support of the excavation. Unfortunately, some details lack context, such as the original $200 pricetag of the bones without mention of what that sum could buy. After wrapping up this gripping mystery and its legacy, profusely illustrated with photographs of the mammoths and Peale's own sketches, Giblin concludes with a brief biography of the Renaissance man Peale and a summary of theories on mammoths and mastodons. Fans of all things dinosaur will find much to explore here, and readers may well be infected with Peale's pioneering spirit. Ages 8-12. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 1.79 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 1.79
The Mystery of the Mammoth Bones, Children's Science

by Nicola Davies. Colorful illustrations by Jane Chapman. Condition: Gently pre-read, if at all, 2001 Candlewick large hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ), firist American edition, first printing. No problems. Content: Davies's dramatic rendering of the life cycle of the Loggerhead turtle draws readers into the mysteries of this reclusive deep-sea creature, while Chapman's aqua-tinted full-spread illustrations bring the ocean world to life in all its majestic beauty. Loggerhead swims alone in the vastness of the water, munches on crabs, floats over coral reefs and crawls with slow, heavy steps across the beach to lay her eggs. The text addresses readers directly, while seamlessly weaving facts into the story: "For thirty years you might not find her./ Then one summer night she arrives,/ on the beach where she was born." Additional details deliberately placed outside the story in a smaller font and wavy typeset may confuse youngsters at first, but overall, the informative text flows with poetic grace: "Just beneath the surface/ is a tangle of weed and driftwood/ where tiny creatures cling./ This is the nursery of a sea turtle." Aspiring scientists may also wonder how the newborn turtles find their way from the shore to these "nurseries," but the author gives them much to mull over. By the time Loggerhead's hatchlings race for their lives across the beach, under threat of attack, readers will be emotionally invested in their plight--a sure sign of the accomplished storytelling. Ages 5-8. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.69 + $ 3.39 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.69
One Tiny Turtle, Davies, Children's Science
One Tiny Turtle, Davies, Children's Science

by Sandra Markle. Color photos illustrate. Condition: Very Good 1994 Scholastic softcover edition, second printing. Name plate stamped inside front cover. Content: Everything you ever wanted to know about spiders - with detailed color photos that only people really interested in spiders will want to look at them very long. Excellent.
$ 3.69 + $ 2.94 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.69
Outside Spiders

by Dawn Menge and Heath Rhoades. Wonderful color illustrations by Bobbie Switzer. Condition: NEW 2010 Outskirts Press large soft cover, no printing given. Content: Sir HeathyBean spends twelve informative months in Queen Vernitas castle in the land of Oceaneers. His visit along with Cora the Teacher is centered on learning everything they can about the solar system. Reviewer: Queen Vernita Meets Sir Heathybean the Astronomer is a highly educational and intellectually stimulating book about the solar system with cute illustrations and plenty of facts about the sun, moon, and planets. This book is intended for children in the nine to twelve- year old age group and it strives to satisfy curiosity about the solar system as well as provide some quick facts about the Earth and its planetary neighbors. Educational children's books are certainly better than the average book, but one fact parents will realize immediately with this book is that the education is taken to an entirely new level. This book presents each of the planets, the sun, the Earth's moon, etc, complete with a long list of facts about each. The education is almost at an adult level and many adults will likely not even know some of the facts presented. For example, how many among us knew that Mars has a reddish color due to iron oxide? [OK, we all knew that one!] Or that Uranus has rings? Or that Saturn has 25 moons? These, and other facts like them, are going to stimulate the intellect of adults just as much as that of small children and it might be a good idea for adults to read the book through at least once, on their own, before reading to their kids." All ages. [1 copy available]
$ 10.19 + $ 3.19 media shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 10.19
Queen Vernita, Astronomy

by Tomie dePaola with color illustrations by the author. Condition: Good 1977 Holiday House hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket). No edition given. This is an ex-library book with all markings. The interior is in very good shape. Great de Paola artwork. Content: Reviewer: "Tomie de Paola, a talented and prolific author perhaps best known for Strega Nona, has another winner here. The text is clear, packed with information, and humorous. DePaola keeps his young readers diverted by using a fictional device: a little girl is sinking in quicksand while a boy proceeds to lecture on the subject-- at length-- until the last minute. Of course, she gets her revenge in the end and the readers are lefted wiser and happier. I wish more children's nonfiction authors would appreciate how much information children will sit still for -- even enjoy -- if it is presented imaginatively." I love this book. I've held on to long after there were no children in the house. Ages 8+.
$ 4.29 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.29
Quicksand Book

by Jo Windsor. Color illustrations and color photos of race cars and speedways. Condition: NEW 2003 Rigby (IL) Trade Paperback, first thus, first printing (first published in New Zealand). Content: A simple, yet complete, introduction for youngsters to the sport of car racing, covering speedways, types of races and cars, and safety. Excellent.
$ 1.50 + $ 2.94 media shipping.

Price: $1.50
Race Cars

text and color illustratins by Lynne Cherry. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1995 Harcourt Brace hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ, 4th printing. 2 impressions (pale) front cover. School supplemental book. Content: Cherry traces the ecological evolution of New England's Nashua River--how it was respected by generations of Indians, polluted and ultimately deadened in the wake of the industrial revolution and restored in recent years through the efforts of concerned citizens. In the 15th century, when native people first settled on the banks of the river now called the Nashua, it was a fertile and beautiful place. By the 1960s, the river valley had been ravaged by many years of serious pollution , and fish, birds, and other animals were no longer seen in the area. Through the efforts of Marion Stoddart and the Nashua River Watershed Association, laws were passed that resulted in the restoration of this river and the protection of all rivers. The author gets high marks for documenting the negative impact of industry on the environment and for highlighting the difference one determined person can make. However, young readers lacking historical background need more facts and dates than are included here. Cherry uses borders on pages that detail, for example, some of the inventions conceived in the 19th century; inexplicably, most are labeled but only some are dated. Her note and the maps on the endpapers, which include a timeline, also help to place the events in context. The watercolor and colored-pencil illustrations are sweeping in their subject matter and adequately convey the physical deterioration of the watershed. [1 copy available]
$ 2.49 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.49
River Ran Wild, Nashua River

SCIENCE CRAFTS FOR KIDS: 50 Fantastic Things To Invent & Create
by Gwen Diehn & Terry Krautwurst. B&W "patterns" with color step-by-step photos. Excellent! Condition: NEW 1995 Sterling/Lark large soft cover, first printing. Content: This colorful, hands-on guide introduces a number of different branches of science. The projects range from the fairly simple (clay pot wind chimes, pinwheel helicopter) to the complex (model grist mill, powered model boats, xylophone). The detailed instructions include a list of materials needed and explanatory line drawings. The activities are divided into four sections: air, water, earth, and fire. Extensive informational sidebars explain the principles involved. Attractive, full-color photographs show a variety of actively involved, enthusiastic kids. However, only 8 of the 50 projects listed in the contents have a "needs adult help" symbol, yet many of them require the use of a saw, razor knife, and/or drill and could be dangerous without adult supervision. Ages 9 - 12. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.29 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.29
Science Crafts, Science Experiments

SCIENCE FOR KIDS: 39 Easy Geography Activities
by Robert W. Wood. B&W drawings illustrate. Condition: UNREAD 1992 TAB Books soft cover, no printing given. Content: OK, one might look at the date and think this science is out-of-date, but thre are no "locate Bosnia or Siam" lessons here - but this book is designed to encourage geographic literacy among students and includes the use of globes and maps to identify points of interest, calculate distances and compare how population, animal life, vegetation and minerals are distributed among continents. Students also learn to draw maps to indicate the location of rivers, mountains, lakes, dams and canals. This book is designed to teach children a knowledge of general geography while helping to develop an interest in world cultures, anthropology and current events. In this case, the publication date does not matter. Young Adults. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.29 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.29
ScienceFor Kids, Geography Experiments

SEAL PUP GROWS UP: The Story of a Harbor Seal
by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld. Illustrated by Lisa Bonforte. Condition: NEW 1997 Scholastic softcover edition, 5th printing (c. 2000) for the Smithsonian Oceanic Collection. Full-page color illustrations. Very sweet. Content:: The story of how a seal mom prepares her pup to stand (swim?) on his own. Watch the pup on his first beach stroll, how his mom protects him from predators, and as he catches his first shrimp. Educational but still a sweet, delightful story. What can I say - I love this book.
$ 3.79 + $ 2.94 shipping.

Price: $ 3.79
Seal Pup Grows Up

SECRET TREASURES AND MAGICAL MEASURES REVEALED: Adventures in Measurement: Temperature, Time, Length, Weight, Volume, Angles, Shapes and Money [Elementary School Edition]
by Chris Kensler. B&W "comics" illustrations. Cover art by Jeff Foster. Condition: NEW 2003 Paper Airplane (Simon & Schuster) Trade Paperback, first printing. Content: This is a great book for budding scientists! MEET Tennessee Toledo, a daring explorer who is searching for the remains of the ancient Flung Dynasty -- a royal family that disappeared without a trace in the 14th century. UNCOVER the Flung family -- King Lung Flung, Queen Far Flung, and their wrinkly wise man, Punfucius, who were all shrunken to the size of ants by an evil potion and have been living underground ever since! DISCOVER the strange recipe Punfucius must use to make a reversal potion that will return the Flungs to their normal size. LEARN how to use important measuring tools such as a thermometer, clock, ruler, scale, measuring cup, protractor, and money. It's up to you to help Tennessee and the Flungs make the potion and escape the dangers of the underground. Along the way you'll learn how to: • Read a thermometer using °C and °F and understand general concepts of temperature; • Tell time, understand elapsed time, and convert units of time; • Use a ruler and scale to measure everyday objects; • Calculate perimeters and areas of simple shapes; • Perform basic computations with money; And so much more! Ages 6 +. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.29 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.29
Secret Treasures and Magical Measures Revealed

by Cindy Neuschwander. Color illustrations by Wayne Geehan. Condition: Gently pre-read, if at all, 1998 Scholastic soft cover, 13th printing. No flaws. Content: Well, this is just too clever for words - my words, anyway. King Arthur needs a way to seat his knights in a manner in which none will feel inferior. He assigns the problem to Sir Cumference, who, with his son, Radius, finds a solution with math. The "figuring" and "math lessons" are in color with humor. Excellent way to introduce kids to math. I understand that this book is one in a series. Great resource for grade school teachers & homeschoolers. Questions welcome. [1 copy availble]
$ 3.59 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.59
Sir Cumference & First Round Table: Math Adventure

by Sandra Chisholm DeYonge. Gentle, soft color illustrations by Peter Grosshauer. Condition: NEW 2000 Watercourse soft cv\over, no printing given. Content: Early people thought that springs were a gift from the earth. Beautifully illustrated stories and myths chronicle the use of spring waters through time. Games and investigations lead readers to an understanding of ground water, springs, and the importance of healthy water for healthy people everywhere. Sections & stories: Coyote; Native Americans: Cheyenne (old legend); Soldier; Settlers; President; Myths and Legends; Incredible Journey (how water moves); Spring Secrets; and Healthy Water, Healthy People. Varied and interesting. The science sections should prove to be a good resource for teachers and homeschooling. Ages 9 - 12. Appears that International Wet, Perrier either sponsored or provided funds for the book. Questions welcome. [1 set available]
$ 7.49 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 7.49
Spring Waters, Gathering Places

THE STORY OF STONEHENGE And Other Megalithic Sites Colouring Book (Coloring Book)
text and illustrations by A. G. Smith. There are also color illustrations inside covers. Condition: NEW 2004 Dover (UK edition) soft cover, no printing given. Content: This is a fabulous book - for all ages interested in Stonehenge. Thirty ready-to-color illustrations depict possible construction techniques used at Stonehenge, other Neolitic sites such as Avebury, a gallery grave (collective tomb) in France, a reconstructed Neolitic village, and other remarkable scenes. Historically correct captions identify each site in this book - ideal for use at home or in the classroom. Ages 5 - 10+. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.89 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.89
Story of Stonehenge, Coloring Book

by Ulco Glimmerveen. Soft color illustrations by the author. Condition: Gently pre-read Scholastic softcover, 8th printing. Tiny edgewear. Interior clean & tight. Content: If your child loved "March of the Penguins," he/she will enjoy this book - and no Penguins starve to death. This is the story of Penguins and the human intrusion into their world - specifically oil drillers complete with dangerous oil spills. These Penguins weather all storms, though. A poignant and true cautionary tale.
$ 2.49 + $ 2.94 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.49
Tale of Antartica

by Eric Carne. Bright color illustrations by the author. Condition: UNREAD 1987 Scholastic Trade Paperback, 11th printing. Shelfwear to bottom cover edge and corners. Content: Dazzlingly colorful collage illustrations and a simple but dramatic text tell the fascinating story of the life cycle of a flower in terms of the adventures of a tiny seed. Flower pods burst and dispatch their seeds on the wind; the air-borne seeds are subject to myriad disasters; and the ones that make it through the perils of the seasons to become mature flowering plants are still susceptible to being picked, trod upon and otherwise damaged. But nature allows for survivors, and so the tiny seed grows into a giant flower, releasing its seeds and continuing the cycle. Carle has an extraordinary kinship with nature. Here we have not just the explanation of the life of a flower, but drama, lessons of life and a lovely spirituality. This is a reissue of the original 1970 edition, with expanded, expansive collage illustrations. The pages, like the seed pods, burst with color. Ages 4-8.
$ 2.69 + $ 2.94 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.69
Tiny Seed

TROY AND KNOSSOS (Digging Up the Past Children's series)
by Peter Hicks. Color photos, drawings, and maps plus B&W era photos illustrate. Condition: NEW 1997 Steck Vaughn (Austin) hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ), first printing. Content: This book recounts the stories behind the discovery of Troy and Knossos by archaeologists Heinrich Schliemann and Arthur Evans respectively. Includes a timeline, glossary, further reading list and an index. Suitable for the National Curriculum History Key Stages 2/3. Covers digs, sites, archaeologists, myths, etc. Ages 9 - 12. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 8.89 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 8.89
Troy and Knossos, Hicks, Children's Ancient History

TWISTER; The Science of Tornadoes and the Making of an Adventure Movie
(Abridged Edition)

by Keay Davidson. Movie photos cover art plus 8 pages of color photos including movie stills. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1996 Minstrel Trade Paperback, second printing. Light edgewear with a near-crease bottom back cover. Name inside front cover. Content: Award-winning science writer takes you where only the bravest souls have ventured, and survived - into the frightening path of these violent twisters. He also gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Warner Bros. film. In collaboration with the makers of the film, Davidson explores the many challenges faced by the producers, the stars, the director and the special effects experts who re-created this wild, mysterious experience. Through fascinating interviews, you'll come to understand just how these incredible storms came to life on the big screen. Enhanced with spectacular close-up photographs and easy-to-grasp graphics, this book offers an enthralling profile of these powerful storms, including an in-depth look at the leading tornado-monitoring project, VORTEX. You'll discover a fascinating world of science and mystery, where storm chasers risk their lives for their work. And you'll hear from those who have experienced close encounters with tornadoes as they tell their unforgettable stories. The 1996 movie was directed by Jan de Bont and starred Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, Jami Gertz, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jake Busey. Screenplay by Michael Crichten. [1 copy available]
$ 2.49 + $ 2.89 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.49
Twister, Science of Tornadoes

The Adventures of a Message-Carrying Bottle Adrift on the Ocean Sea

by Robert Kraske, illustrated by Texan Brian Floca. Condition: 1995 Orchard Books hardcover & DJ. B&W illustrations & maps. Content:Although written as a fictional account of a message-carrying bottle, this book really explores oceanography--currents, animals, and the variety of life found at the margins of the world's oceans. While on a Caribbean vacation, a boy from Minnesota puts a message in a bottle. His note is eventually retrieved by a girl living on Australia's north coast. Grades 4-6. [2 copies available.]
$ 4.50 + $ 3. 19 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.50
Voyager's Stone

by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom. Wonderful clver and detailed color illustrations by the Authors. Condition: UNREAD 2011 Natural History Museum/Frances Lincoln Children's Books paperback, 5th printing. Content: In 1831, at only 22 years old, Darwin was offered the position of Naturalist on HMS Beagle's world voyage. He was set to become a clergyman but returns after five years at sea an inspired genius. This book follows the journey of HMS Beagle, showing life on-board the ship for Darwin, the captain, crew and the expedition's artist. The reader sees Darwin discovering and observing insect life in Brazil, fossils in Argentina , earthquakes in Chile and turtles in the Galapagos Islands. The reader is therefore able to follow the steps which led to Darwin's inspired theory of evolution, while also showing the adventures and escapades he had during the voyage. A fascinating and colorful story of Darwin's life, this book also introduces young readers to one of the world's most important scientists and his discoveries. It concludes with a simple explanation of the theory of evolution. Written by an outstanding team in the field of children's non-fiction, this is a book to enlighten and inspire young readers. Don't believe in evolution? Take a pass on this book. Great look at Darwin's time on the Beagle and the lands to which he traveled. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.78 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.78
Charles Darwin's Travels

art by Roberto Giovannini. Condition: NEW package of 12 bookplates made by pacaritambo books. The peel-off label stock is heavier than most bookplate materials and is matte and not glossy. They are as perfect as possible, and we feel the subject matter is much different than you can get anywhere else. 4.0 wide x 3.0 high. Content: Young Indiana Jones discovers a mummy in his tomb complete with hieroglyphs. Clever! We can personalize your bookplate (the font is Exotc350) - just email us the name. Any questions, click here to email us.
$ 4.00 + $ 2.85 first class shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 4.00
Archeology Bookplates, Kids