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12 BUGS OF CHRISTMAS: A Pop-up Christmas Counting Book
by David A. Carter. Clever color illustrations by the Author. Condition: NEW 2000 Little Simon hardcover Pop-up book, 7th printing (c. 2005). Content: What could be better than one Bug of Christmas? Twelve of them! Bug fans of all ages will get in the spirit and join in the holiday fun with this pop-up extravaganza! The bugs are seen as a partridge, a-dancing bugs, as popcorn bugs, leading Santa's sleigh, and as angels decorating the tree (plus others). Too cute!!! Questions welcome. [1 copy left.]
$ 6.69 + $ 3.40 media shipping.

Price: $ 6.69
12 Bugs of Christmas Pop-up

vibrant and vital color illustrations by Jan Brett. Condition: NEW 1992 Trumpet soft cover, 10th printing. Content: "On the first day of Christmas,/ My true love gave to me/ A partridge in a pear tree." A straightforward beginning to a carol that grows increasingly complicated as both the list of presents and the numbers involved accumulate. Brett's lavish treatment of the song portrays various levels of meaning; she has illustrated the fantastic gifts in outrageous splendor (seven swans swim in folkloric Russian headdresses), turned them into a border of tree decorations, included a menagerie of animals carrying banners with "Merry Christmas" in different languages, and set into the outer edges of each page an ongoing story about a family's preparations for the big day itself. In the final frame, the decorated tree serves as the centerpiece for their own caroling. The artist demonstrates, once again, that she will not relinquish a project before every last glorious detail is in place; the clarity of her vision is stunning. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 2.69 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.69
12 Days of Christmas, Jan Brett

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS (A Fold-Out Book)
illustrations by Maggie Keen. Beautiful color illustrations. Condition: NEW (shrink-wrapped) 1998 Dutton First Thus pullout-pop-up "book/frieze." Lovely & fun decoration/book from the old Christmas Carol. Content: Twelve ornaments punch out of the concertina-bound pages to reveal acetate windows of delicate stained-glass-style art. Children will enjoy reading the lyrics, finding and assembling the corresponding ornaments, and counting the number of gifts for each day. The book itself becomes a festive stand-up holiday display. Full color. 6 panels. Questions welcome. [1 copy left]
$ 5.69 + $ 3.19 media shipping. International shipping availble.

Price: $ 5.69
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas

by Jerry Smath. Color illustrations by Author. Condition: NEW 2000 Troll hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket) - 1st ed, 1st printing. Beautiful detailed period artwork - Dickens would be pleased, I'm sure. Great way to ease kids into the classics. Content: Sure to be a perennial holiday favorite, this whimsical retelling of Charles Dickens' classic tale of Scrooge features a charming cast of animal characters. Its heartwarming message about the true meaning of Christmas is accessible to the youngest children and is buoyed by Jerry Smath's signature cuddly critters. The perfect Christmas gift! Ages 4 - 8. [2 copies available]
$ 4.49 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.49
The Animals' Christmas Carol

by GoodTimes DVD. Condition: NEW (shrink-wrapped) 2004 GoodTimes DVD release of the 1978 Emmy-nominated TV special. Content: The year is 1978, and Benji is on top of his game! But wasn't he really a she, or was that just an urban legend? Anyway, Benji and "his" onscreen family, Cindy Smith and Patsy Garret, have been invited to a lovely Swiss mountain village to be grand marshals in their holiday parade. On their way to the event, however, they are sidetracked by their driver, Kris Kringle, the parade's Santa Claus. You see, Kris is the REAL Santa Claus, and since his elves will be too busy to enjoy this year's parade and see the movie stars themselves, he is bringing the stars to them. Suddenly, the human and canine actors find themselves on a walking tour of Santa's own little village, as he explains to them why his elves are busier than usual. It seems that Kris has broken his leg, and the elves will have to make his annual rounds in his place this year. The elves are beside themselves trying to learn the tricks of the trade and barely have time to chat, but Kris manages to introduce a few to the group along the way, including Needles and Pins, the official tailors. While in the wardrobe department, we get a firsthand explanation of how Kris must change costumes for every country he visits, since every country has their own view of Santa. In fact, much of the tour involves little explanations of the facts and complications of being Santa Claus, such as getting around the world in one night and keeping reindeer from flying away (by keeping them in a giant birdcage). The tour culminates in the letter department, where elves from the various countries of the world sort and respond to the letters children have written to Santa. Here, Kris Kringle is inspired to break into a catchy song and dance about his own "multiplicity." It's to his own undoing, however, when during his rigorous dancing, Kris's cast breaks apart and his ruse is exposed. He wasn't injured at all, he simply wanted to enjoy Christmas at home for a change, like everybody else. In the meantime, however, the elves are distracted by their chance to meet and pet Benji, and the lovable dog's ability to feel at home anywhere he is loved teaches Kris a valuable lesson and restores his eagerness to make his annual flight. So, with all things put right again, Kris Kringle returns with the little group to the parade route, and a wonderful Christmas is had by all! Really cute! Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.49 + $ 3.09 first class shipping. Priority shipping available.

Price: $ 3.49
Benji's Very Own Christmas Story, DVD

BISCUIT'S CHRISTMAS (A scratch-and-sniff book)
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. Color pictures by Pat Schories. Condition: UNREAD 2000 HarperFestival soft cover, no printing given. Content: Christmas is coming! The little girl knows just what needs to be done to get ready for Christmas -- choose a tree, back cookies, decorate the house -- but Biscuit is so excited he can't seem to sit still. Scratch and sniff the scents to find out what that silly puppy has his nose in now! Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 1.49 + $ 2.94 media shipping.

Price: $ 1.49
Biscuit's Christmas
Biscuit's Christmas

by Carly Simon. Beautiful bright color illustrations by Margot Datz. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1990 Doubleday hard cover & DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition. Very light edge wear to DJ edge. Ever so slight lift to front cover. Interior perfect. Content: This is a story about a young boy named Ben and his sister Miranda. For nearly a year Miranda has been unable to speak. No one, not even the family doctor, can discover the reason for her malady. All Grandfather and Ben can do is wait and hope she gets better. Then on Christmas Eve, Grandfather asks Ben to climb the stairs of the village bell tower and ring the bells to welcome in each hour of Christmas. High up in the tower, Ben has an idea which will bring Santa Claus to their village and perhaps a cure to Miranda. Sweet story. Questions welcome. [1 copy]
$ 4.98 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.69
Boy of the Bells, Xmas story

by Madeline Arroyo. Warm, soft color illustrations by S. Dean Vavak. Condition: NEW 2002 Stairway hardcover (pictorial boards) and DJ (in mylar jacket), assumed first edition. This had been a "review" copy - sent to stores for comment before publishing. Content: Reviewer: "Enthusiastically recommended for children ages 5 through 8, Calie's Gift is the story of an elderly woman and a group of schoochildren who form a special friendship in a small urban park. Every school day, Calie takes a recorder out of her ever-present shopping cart and blows tunes for the chldren of a nerby school. Over a period of months the elderly Calie shares her musical gifts to entertain the children during their daily lunch break. When Christmas comes, the children take their turn in showing their affection and appreciation for Calie by giving her a very special gift which reminds her of the true meaning of Christmas. The lovely artwork by Dean Vavak is a perfect showcase for Mardeline Arroyo's wonderfully charming story of friendship, the devine love of Jesus, and the Christmas season. [1 copy available]
$ 3.89 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.89
Calie's Gift

CHARRO CLAUS AND THE TEJAS KID (Bilingual Middle Reader)
text and vibrant color illustrations by Xavier Garza. Condition: NEW 2008 Cinco Puntos Press hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition, first printing. Content: Yes, Virginia, Santa has a Mexican cousin - and thus we are on the way to a funny and exciting Christmas Eve in South Texas. “Even Santa Claus sends the jobs he is unable or unwilling to do to this colorful storybook by local author-illustrator Xavier Garza." The simple South Texas Christmas tale is printed in both English and Spanish, allowing for several different bilingual reading opportunities. Let’s welcome Santa’s newest helper: his cousin Pancho, a farmer living down in South Texas who is so smart he speaks both Spanish and English. Back in the day, Pancho was a mariachi singer with a whole lot of style and a fancy sombrero. But as the years passed, Pancho got, well, a little older and a little wider all around. Then one night his primo Santa Claus showed up. Santa needed some help along the US/Mexico border. Pancho volunteered. And then, poof, Santa transformed Pancho into the resplendent Charro Claus with his incredible Flying Burritos. And Charro Claus, it turns out, even had his own surprise elf—his nephew Vincente! All Christmas Eve, Vincente and Pancho deliver toys to the boys and girls on the border. Neither rain, cloudy skies, wire fences, or concrete walls keep them from covering every inch of their newly assigned territory. And they don’t forget a single town or city. How could they? The border is their home. A native of the Rio Grande Valley, Xavier Garza is a prolific author, artist, teacher, and storyteller. It's a hoot! All ages.Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 8.39 + $ 3.40 media shipping.

Price: $ 8.39
Charro Claus & Tejas Kid, Texas Xmas

text by Douglas Kaine McKelvey and beautiful color paintings by Thomas Kinkade. Condition: NEW 2000 Tommy Nelson large hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), 3rd printing. Content: Inspired by popular artist Kinkade's painting Christmas at St. Nicholas Circle, this sentimental story devolves in a small town in 1918. When a mysterious telegram announces the arrival of an "Important Guest," young Henry hopes it will be Santa bringing the presents he knows his parents can ill afford. But while everyone in town is attending to a traveling salesman, Henry discovers his own "Important Guest," a lost child--and learns the meaning of Christmas. McKelvey's graceful language vivifies Kinkade's winter landscapes. Old-fashioned sepia-tone photographs of the "characters," printed over some of the paintings, extend the nostalgic reverie. All ages. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 8.39 + $ 3.40 media shipping.

Price: $ 8.39
Child's Xmas at St. Nicholas Circle, Kinkade

by Susan Osborn and Christine Langvald. Color illustrations by Jodie McCallum. Condition: Gently pre-read 1993 Standard hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ issued), first printing. End papers show a map of the countries included in the book. Content: While this book does include the lifestyles and how children celebrate Christmas around the world, it is mostly a religious book. Countries covered: Mexico, Japan, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Africa, France, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Norway, Recipes for Christmas dishes from the countries are also included. Ages 4 - 8. Questions welcome [1 copy available]
$ 4.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.00
Children Around World Celebrate Xmas
Children Around World Celebrate Xmas

byDylan Thomas. B&W and color illustrations by Edward Ardizzone. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1986 David Godine soft cover, second printing. Very slight shelf wear. Content: Dylan Thomas' imagery and prose invoke the secular feelings of Christmas like no other book. His floating word-pictures are both vague and precise, inviting the reader's imagination to fill in the blanks. Thomas creates the sensations of memory--blurred, idiosyncratic, and suffused with impression: Fortunately, the dreamlike imagery never weighs down the book. Instead, Thomas wishes only to convey the warmth, humor, and imagination of his childhood Christmases in Wales. Although this is great modernist literature, it is completely unpretentious and can be enjoyed by all ages. The book seems longer than it is, perhaps because Thomas' depictions linger warmly after one reads about the Christmas fire, the smoking Uncles and drinking aunts, the presents ("...and a celluloid duck that made, when you pressed it, a most unducklike sound, a mewing moo that an ambitious cat might make who wished to be a cow"), the dinner, the caroling at the large strange house where "the wind through the trees made noises as of old and unpleasant and maybe webfooted men in caves," the music, and the soft bedtime. A lovely memoir. [1 copy available]
$ 1.89 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 1.89
A Child's Christmas in Wales

by Ray Gibson and Fiona Watt. Color illustrations by Amanda Barlow. Condition: UNREAD 2000 Scholastic/Usborne soft cover, 20th printing. ight shelf wear bottom front cover edge. Interior perfect. Content: This is a great book that keeps excited children happily occupied during the weeks before Christmas. By following the really simple step-by-step instructions, even young children will be able to achieve some amazing results. Some of the projects: pop-up polar bear card, hand-print angel, snowmen paper chains, Christmas stockings, paper cut outs, glittering shapes for the tree, Christmas trees, Christmas tree letters (cookies), gift tags, wrapping paper, Christmas party snow queen, Christmas treats (candy), Christmas necklace, and a reindeer. All of the instructions are in color and are detailed step-by-step. Great fun! [1 copy available]
$ 2.49 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.49
Children's Christmas Activities and Crafts

by Richard Paul Evans. Color paintings by Jacob Collins. Condition: UNREAD 1994 Simon & Schuster hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket). The DJ is rimmed n red foil. Problem: DJ is price-clipped. Content: On a snowy Christmas Eve, a young man named Thomas on his way home for a family celebration realizes that the candle in his lantern is about to expire. He stops in a chandler's shop filled with fantastic wax creations, but instead of admiring them Thomas scorns the chandler for wasting his time on sculptures that will only melt. The mysterious old chandler sells him a special Christmas candle. Back on the bitterly cold street, the young man is accosted by an old beggar woman. When he lifts his lantern to get a better look, the candlelight reveals that she is his mother. He gives her his cloak and only then sees the truth: She is not his mother after all, but a stranger. The candle tricks him again before he reaches home, cold and penniless, but richer for his newfound realization that we are all part of one family. This intriguing original fable about charity is accompanied by lavish, mood-filled oil paintings by artist Jacob Collins. Together, author and artist have created an exquisite holiday gift book that will be treasured by the entire family. [2 copies available]
$ 4.79 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.79
Christmas Candle
Christmas Candle

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (DK Eyewitness Classics)
Charles Dickens. Adapted by Frederick Thomas, L.L.C. Beautiful, detailed color illustrations by Andrew Wheatcroft. Condition: UNREAD 1977 DK soft cover (stapled wraps), first American edition, second printing. This is the "Chick-fil-A" booklet. Content: Everyone knows the story of Scrooge and the three spirits, so I won't bore you. However, the illustrations for this book are superior to any I have seen before. [1 copy available]
$ 1.09 + $ 2.94 media shipping.

Price: $ 1.09
The Christmas Carol, Wheatcroft
The Christmas Carol, Wheatcroft

text and color illustrations by Wendy Mathis Parker. Condition: UNREAD. but not perfect, 1979 Holt Rinehart hardcover edition & DJ (in mylar jecket), first printing. Gift inscription loose endpage with price-clipped DJ. Content: Lindy is so intent on seeing Santa Claus that she slips inside a box and mails herself to the North Pole. At first she is mistaken for a doll and placed on a shelf in the elf workshop. Soon the head elf realizes she is just a homesick little girl. Now comes the problem: how to they get Lindy home in time for Christmas morning. Very cute; very sweet. [1 copy available]
$ 3.59 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.59
The Christmas Doll, Wendy Parker

CHRISTMAS IS COMING: A Sory and Activity Book
by Kodansha International. Color illustrations and activities. Condition: NEW 1995 Kodansha International (Japan) large soft cover, first edition. Very light shelf wear top and bottom spine. Interior perfect. . Content: A beautifully designed cut-out book contains materials to make seven Christmas ornaments--a snowman, reindeer, Santa, and others--made of high-quality stock paper, which also form part of an engaging Christmas story. Note: The ornaments, etc. have to be cut out requiring scissors or an Exacto-knife. [1 copy available]
$ 4.49 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.49
Christmas Is Coming: Story & Activities

by Truman Capote. Color illustrations by Beth Peck. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1997 Scholastic soft cover, first printing. Light shelf wear top corners of pages. Content: This tiny gem of a holiday story, although a memory, is told in the present tense, which gives it a certain immediacy. Written by Capote as if a backward glance at his childhood while in college, the story traces a month of pre-Christmas doings in his parentless, poor household. The seven-year-old and his "friend," a distant, eccentric, and in those times elderly (mid-sixties), cousin prepare several dozen fruitcakes and mail them to people they admire. Gathering the pecans from those left behind in the harvest, buying illegally made whiskey for soaking the cakes, getting a little tipsy on the leftovers, cutting their own tree, and decorating it with homemade ornaments are some of the adventures the two share. The outside world barely intrudes on this portrayal of a loving friendship which wraps readers in coziness like the worn scrap quilt warms the old woman. Reminiscent of Lisbeth Zwerger, Peck's watercolor-and-ink full-page illustrations greatly enhance the text. Her use of lighter shades, tawny colors, and fine lines plus a background wash which suggests rather than delineates detail is perfect for this holiday memory of Christmas celebrated in rural Alabama in the early 1930s. Ages 3 - 9 +. [1 copy available]
$ 2.49 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.49
Christmas Memory, Capote
Christmas Memory, Capote

by Susan Wojciechowski. Color illustrations by P. J. Lynch. Condition: Gently pre-read 2002 Candlewick Press hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. This book was originally pubished in a larger hardcover in 1995. This is known as the "small cover" edition. Content: "Christmas is pish-posh," grumbles Jonathan Toomey, the best wood carver in the valley. He's a Scroogelike recluse; but he's a gentle grouch, it turns out, and he hides a sad secret. He's transformed, not by Dickensian ghosts, but by an eager seven-year-old boy and his widowed mother who ask him to make them a Christmas creche. The story verges on the sentimental, but it's told with feeling and lyricism. Lynch's sweeping illustrations, in shades of wood grain, are both realistic and gloriously romantic, focusing on faces and hands at work before the fire and in the lamplight. In a beautiful, elemental scene, the angry wood carver stands on the threshold of his home, disturbed by the gentle widow and her son who want his help and will transform his life. Ages 4 - 9. [2 copies available]
$ 3.69 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.69
Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

by Franklyn M. Branley. Beautiful warm color illustrations by Stephen Fieser. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1990 Thomas Crowell hardcover & DJ (in mylar jackaet), revised & newly illustrated, first printing. DJ has been price-clipped. Blank bookplate loose end page. Content: This is a remarkable book for kids! An astronomical exploration of the Star of Bethlehem against a background of the Christmas story. A newly illustrated version of a 1966 title that is a fascinating example of the scientific mind at work. Branley asks what might have caused the star the Wise Men followed to appear in the heavens. He discusses theories and rules out by evidence shooting stars, (too short a duration) comets, and novas (none visible around the time of Jesus' birth). Branley then deduces the year and season of Jesus' birth through a series of old tax records, facts of Herod's rule and death, and the times when desert people grazed sheep. Fieser's use of rich colors and rounded shapes give the illustrations a substantial firmness and authority that suit the narrative perfectly. This book is not only seasonally remarkable, but pictures and text glow in this carefully reasoned and fully probable explanation of a phenomenon once observed. AGes 9 - 12. [1 copy available]
$ 11.19 + $ 3.19 media shipping. International & priority shipping available by arrangement - email us.

Price: $ 11.19
Christmas Sky, Branley

Text and Illustrations by Marcus Pfister. Translated by J. Allison James. . Condition: Good used 1993 North-South Books hardcover (pictorial boards). No major problems, just pre-read. Content: First published in Switzrland in 1993. Follow the shining star as it guides shepherds, kings, and all the animals of the forest to the stable where the Holy child lies. Now available in a sturdy board book edition, this glittering Nativity, by the author of The Rainbow Fish, is a perfect Christmas gift for the entire family to share. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 2.49 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.49
The Christmas Star

retold by Deborah Hautzig. Illustrated by Sheilah Beckett. Condition: UNREAD 1981 Random House hardcover (pictorial boards), 12th printing. Although unread, it does show some shelfwear top spine. Interior is clean & tight. Content: Based on the story from the Gospels According to Saint Matthew and Saint Luke. [1 copy available]
$ 2.19 + $ 2.89 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.19
The Christmas Story, Hautzig

text & color illustrations by Jan Brett. Wonderful, colorful illustrations! Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1994 Scholastic soft cover, 12th printing. Problem: Gift inscription inside front cover. Tiny edge wear. Content: Blond, blue-eyed Treva (The Trouble with Trolls) teaches a pair of greedy little trolls how to celebrate Christmas: following them in order to find the gifts and ornaments they've snitched from her house, she helps them decorate their home, shows them how to share, and offers them a gift--a gesture they make in return on Christmas morning. The story is predictable but related with appealing directness; and fans will be enchanted, once again, with the lovingly detailed folk/Scandinavian details in Brett's bright, crisply delineated art, especially in the intriguing borders--where the trolls' charming pet hedgehogs are busy with their own related pursuits. [1 copy available]
$ 2.19 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.19
The Christmas Trolls, Jan Brett

story and color illustrations by Steven Kellogg. Condition: Gently pre-read 1992 Dial Books hardcover (pictorial boards) and DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition, first printing. The interior is clean & tight, but the DJ has shelf wear to the top and bottom spine with a short repaired "tear" bottom DJ panel. Content: Gloria is the worst student ever to attend Madame Pestilence's Academy. Not only does she muddle her magic spells and flunk broom drill, she gets in trouble for smiling too much! When Gloria hears about a wonderful holiday called Christmas, she decides she wants to be a Christmas witch, working good spells for peace and fun. It's no easy task-but Gloria is no ordinary witch! "Illustrated with all of Kellogg's usual zest and energy and filled with diverting detail." -The Horn Book Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.79 + $ 3.39 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.79
Christmas Witch

story by Elizabeth Ferguson Brown. Soft color paintings by Harvey Stevenson. Condition: NEW 2004 Boyds Mills Press hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. INSCRIBED by Author on dedication page. Light edge wear to DJ. Content: Spending the holidays with those you love best is what Christmas is all about. This is what a little girl learns as she travels with her mother to join her grandmother in an Appalachian coal mining town. Life is not easy in coal country--but in this tightly knit community, traditions are nurtured and passed along year after year, along with an undeniable hope and optimism. And on Christmas night, as the child snuggles into bed with both her mother and grandmother, she knows it's more than blankets that are keeping her warm--it's also memories and the love of her family. Pre-school to grade 2. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 4.79 + $ 3.40 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.79
Coal Country Christmas

COUNTING TO CHRISTMAS (and a blackbord to count with - 2 for 1)
story and color illustrations by Nancy Tafuri. Condition: UNREAD 1999 Scholastic soft cover, first printing. Tiny edge wear. Content: Using Advent calendar motifs, this picture book focuses on the activities of a little girl in the days before Christmas. "Days 1, 2, and 3 / I paint, cut, and paste" accompanies a double-page spread of the child pasting a yellow star onto a sheet of red paper. The illustration for "Days 21, 22, and 23 / I trim and gaze" shows her hanging an ornament on a Christmas tree. Words such as trim and gaze may take some explanation for young children, but they'll be interested in the girl's preparations. The large scale of the illustrations relative to the size of the page and the bright colors used throughout make this an excellent choice for story hours. The book ends with a few pages of suggested activities: making holiday cards, popcorn-cranberry garlands, gingerbread cookies, and decorations that can be eaten by animals. Accompanied on most pages by her furry gray dog (sometimes readers will have to hunt to find him), the child bakes, sends cards, makes decorations, and wraps presents. A holiday treat for Tafuri fans. The "counting board" is a blackboard in a wooden frame with chalk and an eraser. Pre-school to grade 2. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 5.29 + $ 3.39 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.29
Counting to Christmas, Tafuri
Counting to Christmas, Tafuri

text & color illustrations by Diane Goode. Condition: UNREAD 1990 Scholastic soft cover, 6th printing. Content: This cheerful collection of Christmas melodies, poems and stories eschews the Victoriana frequently associated with the season in favor of American customs and traditions. From Laura Ingalls Wilder's chapter on her first Christmas tree to Langston Hughes's "Carol of the Brown King," Goode's focus is on "the distinct expression" Americans have given to the holiday, and her festive illustrations span various historical periods. In addition to traditional favorites ("Jingle Bells" and Clement Moore's famous poem), there are many happy surprises, such as "Brer Rabbit's Christmas" and a folktale from upstate New York about the origins of "A Baker's Dozen." The book's design is uncluttered and spacious, and Goode ( The Diane Goode Book of American Folk Tales and Songs ) differentiates the entries by wrapping each one--her special "gifts"--in a unique ribbon-like border. Additional stories: "Yes, Virginia," "I'll Be Home for Christmas," and "The Peterkins' Christmas Tree," etc. All ages. [1 copy available]
$ 4.49 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.49
Diane Goode's American Christmas

DING DONG! MERRILY ON HIGH (A Pop-up Book of Christmas Carols) [Shrink-wrapped]
by Francesca Crespi. Beautiful & fun color illustrations. Condition: NEW 2008 Frances Lincoln Children's Books (London) hardcover (pictorial boards), reissue, first printing. Still in shrink-wrap. Content: Five traditional carols (including words and music) set in beautifully illustrated pop-up scenes. Get those recorders ready! Angels and Urchins As sublime as a heavenly host singing their cherubic heads off. Families South East An evening gathered around the piano (or CD player) will have everyone feeling festive. For inspiration, take a look at one of the seasonal song books, such as 'Ding Dong Merrily on High' by Francesca Crespi, with pop-up illustrations, music and lyrics. Carols: O Christmas Tree; Silent Night; Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, We Three Kings of Orient Are; and Ding Dong! Merrily on High. There are a few "lift-the-flaps' and two wheels and tabs. This is a really neat book. Ages 5+. [2 copies available]
$ 6.89 + $ 3.40 media shipping. Priority shipping available.

Price: $ 6.89
Ding Dong! Merrily on High, Christmas PopUp

by Rudolfo Anaya. Illustrated by Edward Gonzales. Condition: UNREAD 1995 Hyperian Books for Children hardcover (pictorial boards), third printing. If there was a dust jacket issued with this book, it's gone. Tiny "ding" bottom front hinge. Interior clean, tight, perfect. Content: It's Christmas in San Juan, New Mexico, and young Luz worries that with her grandfather sick and her father in the hospital, wounded from the war, their usual Christmas celebration will not be. Then Luz decides to make her own little lanterns or farolitos [small luminarias] to light the path for the oncoming celebration, and for her father, who returns home in time for the holiday. Lovely story and a great learning opportunity for non-Hispanic children. [1 copy available]
$ 3.75 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.75
The Farolitos of Christmas

based on the story by Henry Van Dyke. Retold by Susan Summers. Beautiful color illustrations by Jackie Morris. Condition: Gently pre-read, IF at all, Dial Books hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ), second printing. Bookstore "misplaced" blank book plate loose end page. Decorated end pages. Content: In a short story written in the 1800s, Henry Van Dyke imagined what it would have been like had there been a fourth wise man, one who did not complete the journey to see the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Summers' retelling, based on Van Dyke's story, introduces Artaban, a Zoroastrian man living in Persia. Artaban sets off to meet his three friends Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar, but he stops along the way to assist a dying man, rescue a child in Herod's Massacre of the Innocents, and save a woman about to be sold into slavery. Artaban misses his chance to worship Jesus, but at the end of his life, he is rewarded for helping the needy: "As often as you did these things for the least of my children, you did them for me." The touching story flows smoothly and eloquently, and the richly colored illustrations capture the book's emotional intensity with careful attention to the setting's place and time. Perfect companion for the made-for-TV family movie of the same name directed by Michael Ray Rhodes and starring Martin Sheen, Alan Arkin (hilarious!), James Farentino, Eileen Brennan, Harold Gould, and Charlie Sheen. [1 copy available]
$ 6.49 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 6.49
Fourth Wise Man, Summers

text and color & B&W illustrations by James Rice. Condition: Good+ 1976 Pelican hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition, second printing. DJ shows moderate shelf wear & edgewear. The book has edge wear at corners and top & bottom spine. The interior is very clean. Content: Reviewer: "What would happen if Rudolf's nose went out? And the other reindeer were not feeling too hot either? Leave the toy delivery upto a team of flying gators? Santa goes Cajun in this whimsical little bayou tale of a Christmas saved by a gator named Gaston ( with a glowing green nose)and a bunch of french reptilian friends. (On Gaston & Tiboy! Pierre & Alcee! Ninette & Suzette! Celeste & Renee!) Christmas will never be the same again." [1 copy available]
$ 3.49 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.49
Gaston The Green-Nosed Alligator

by Joanna Cole. Lovely color illustrations by Michele Lemieux. Condition: UNREAD, BUT NOT PERFECT, 1989 Morrow Junior Books hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. DJ has done its job and protected the book, but there is a short "repaired" tear top edge at spine and a shorter "repaired" one bottom front edge. Interior clean & very tight. Beautifully decorated end pages. Content: Cole lovingly re-creates the story of the young man from Assisi who turned his back on his parents' wealth in order to be closer to God. This moving portrait of Brother Francis's selfless way of life, his concerns for those less fortunate than himself, the love he lavished on birds and animals--all of these elements are effectively presented in a straightforward, inspirational style. Cole does not preach, but lets the real humanity of this man emerge clearly. Lemieux's glowing, medieval-style paintings are a perfect complement, and her flattened perspective and burnished palette are appropriate to the period. Brother Francis finds a special way to bring the Christmas story to life when, with the aid of a few villagers, he restages the Nativity on a hillside near the Italian village of Greccio. Highly recommended as a Christmas gift, this work will encourage readers to reflect on the beauty and true meaning of the holiday season. Ages 7+. [1 copy available]
$ 23.49 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 23.49
Gift From St. Francis

color illustrations and story by Tomie dePaola. Condition: NEW 2004 G. P. Putnam's over-sized hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition, first printing. Content: When Santa invites his family and his friend Lars for Christmas dinner, things get a little raucous. Children will find funny details to appreciate in dePaola's signature drawings – executed here in a red and green palette – and lively narrative, with dialogue-balloon asides. The result is a fun celebration complete with Lars's pet polar bear and a flaming plum pudding. Ages 4 - 8. [2 copies available]
$ 4.49 + $ 3.49 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.49
Guess Who's Coming Santa's For Dinner, DePaola

by Allen Snow. Adorable, hilarious, detailed, wacky color illustrations by the Author. Condition: NEW 2007 Simon & Schuster large soft cover, third printing. Content: Did you know that Santa really wears snow suction boots? Or pins on a "child snore locator?" This book details everything you really want to know (well, maybe not) about Santa and how his operation works. See where the toys are kept. Learn who organizes the presents. Learn - well, tons of other fun stuff. Ideal for kids and parents alike. Fun, fun, fun! [1 copy available]
$ 4.49 + $ 3.29 first class shipping.

Price: $ 4.49
How Santa Really Works, Family Christmas Fun

THE JOY OF A PEANUTS CHRISTMAS: 50 Years of Holiday Comics
by Charles Schulz. Color & B&W comics. Condition: NEW 1992 Hallmark small hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition, first printing. Tiny edgewear to DJ corners. Content: The best Christmas cartoons from the Peanuts gang by decade, the 50's, 60's, etc. Nostalgia at it's finest. How I miss Charles Schulz. [1 copy available]
$ 3.75 + $ 2.89 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.75
Joy of a Peanuts Christmas

retold by Mark Tezel. Nice color illustrations attest to the sparse life in 1700s frontier Texas. Condition: UNREAD 1998 ASSACA Press (SAT) paperback, assumed first edition, no printing given. Content: As a young boy at Mission San Antonio de Valero (the "Alamo"), Shavano had a good and happy life. Yet, when Christmas time came around, and Shavano's favorite Christmas tradition, Los Pastores, Shavano became very aware of his lack of wealth. This delightful story tells how young Shavano finds that wealth is not necessarily made of material possessions. This ancient story is a delight for children of all ages. The Margil Vine is named for Father Antonio Margil de Jesus who arrived in San Antonio in 1719. [1 copy available.]
$ 6.49 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 6.49
Legend Margil Vine, San Antonio, Texas

text and color illustrations by Tomie DePaola. Condition: NEW 1997 PaperStar soft cover, 10th printing. Content: In this legend from Mexico, a little girl, Lucinda, is proud to help her mother weave a new blanket for the Baby Jesus to be used in a Christmas procession. But when Lucinda's mother takes ill, Lucinda tangles the yarn and is unable to complete the blanket. Feeling she has ruined Christmas, Lucinda is reluctant to go to the procession until a mysterious old woman appears from the shadows and tells Lucinda, "Any gift is beautiful because it is given. Whatever you give, the Baby Jesus will love because it comes from you." Nervously, Lucinda grabs an armful of weeds, which she brings into the church. As she prays, the weeds open into dazzling red flowers that decorate the altar. The story has a simple dignity, but it is the artwork that takes center stage here. The spreads, which feature everyday occurrences (set in a generic era), are magnificently staged and colored and culminate in the last spread--Lucinda praying at a crŠche, with a profusion of poinsettias decorating the pages. An author's note gives the origin of the story as well as facts about the poinsettia plant and its Christmas connections. Ages 6 - 10. [2 copies available]
$ 5.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping. Priority shipping available.

Price: $ 5.00
The Legend of the Poinsettia, DePaola

by Julie Lane. B&W illustrations by Hokie. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1997 Santa Claus Publishing/Parkhurst Books large soft cvoer, "new edition." Problem: very pale, light vertical crease front cover. Content: As the preface and the book puts it, "Draw close to the fire, all those who believe in the spirit of Christmas, whether you call it Santa Claus, or simply good will to men; and listen to the story of Nicholas the Woodcarver, a lover of little children. Follow him through his first years as a lonely little boy who had the knack of carving playthings for children; then as a young man, busy over the little toys; then a prosperous, fat, rosy old man who overcomes all sorts of difficulties in order to attain his ambition: a toy for every child in the village." An explanation for many Christmas traditions is woven into this story, written originally in 1932, recently republished. Reading the story has become a holiday tradition in hundreds of homes and classrooms. Ages 9 - 12. [1 copy available]
$ 5.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.00
Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, Lane

by Richard Paul Evans. Color illustrations by Daniel Craig. Condition: NEW 2002 Simon & Schuster hardcvoer (pictorial boards - no DJ), first printing. Content: In the long-ago world of Evans's message-driven tale, the high point of Christmas is not a visit from Santa, but the lighting of the Christmas flame in the mountain "Christmas town" of Noel. This particular year, the aging Keeper of the Flame (who looks a lot like St. Nick) turns over his duty to a pure-hearted boy who performs a selfless act of kindness. Craig marks his children's book debut with a series of dimly lit, opulent computer-generated scenes that often have the appearance of acrylic or oil paintings. Realistic in their details and Old World in their mood, they reinforce the old-fashioned, homily-like quality of the text. Ages 4 - 8. [1 copy available]
$ 4.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 4.00
Light of Christmas, Evans

by John Speirs. The color illustrations were created on watercolor paper with mediums of watercolor, gouache, varnishes, and oils. Easily the most beautiful Christmas illustrations I've ever seen in a book. Condition: NEW 2001 Harry N Abrams large hardcover (pictorial boards) with DJ (in mylar jacket), third printing. Some small edgewear to DJ corners and top edge. Interior perfect. Content: Set in "the East," this lavishly illustrated story suggests the origin of the Christmas tree tradition. A young boy helps his father tend the gardens of the three wise men. When the brilliant star appears, and the wise men prepare their journey, the boy begs to join them but is told that he's too young and has "no gift fit for a king." The boy secretly follows the caravan, across deserts and fields, watching the kings' entourage increase with humble gift bearers. Finally the crowd arrives at the stable, presents are laid before the glowing child, and the boy steps forward with his own gift: an evergreen beautifully decorated with small gleanings from the journey. The lyrical, cumulative text and young hero will draw children, but the elegant, gold-enhanced art, reminiscent of the work of Flemish masters, such as Brueghel the Elder, is breathtaking, with text pages designed like illuminated manuscripts. An author's note discusses painting influences and the symbol of the evergreen. A fine choice for family sharing. [1 copy available]
$ 5.00 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.00
The Little Boy's Christmas Gift

by Ezra Jack Keats. Words and music by Katherine Davis, Henry Onorati, and Harry Simone. Color illustrations. Condition: NEW c. 1980 Scholastic soft cover, 12th printing. Content: This is an illustrated version of the Christmas song in which a poor drummer boy brings his "finest gift" to the newborn baby Jesus--a song he plays on his drum. Illustrations are warm & appropriate. "Sheet music" included. [1 copy available]
$ 2.59 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 2.59
Little Drummer Boy, Keats

THE LITTLEST CHRISTMAS TREE: A Tale of Growing and Becoming
by Janie Jasin. Color illustrations by the Pam Kurtz. Condition: UNREAD 1999 Creativity No Limits, Inc. small hardcover (pictorial boards), 5th printing. Bookstore note top loose endpage date of publication. Everything else perfect. Content: This is a simple tale about the smallest seedling planted in a field of pine trees who yearns to grow tall enough to become a Christmas tree. Waiting to grow seems like an eternity to this eager little tree. As time passes and the seasons change, the seedling begins to observe the beauty of her forest world and the magical gifts that nature brings -- the sky, wind, sun and rain. She dreams of all the different things she could become when she grows tall -- a shelter for rabbits and squirrels, cozy winter nest for birds, even a window frame for a family's home. Gradually she comes to understand what her longing is really about: the joy of life is to be found anew in each and every day, in appreciating the ordinary moments and the wonders of nature that are often taken for granted. This is a book for the entire family to read together, inspiring children impatient to be grown up, and to remind adults who may have forgotten childhood pleasures. [2 copies available]
$ 3.75 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.75
The Littlest Christmas Tree

by Cecil Bodker. Nice color illustrations by Bengt Arne Runnerstrom. Translated from the Swedish by Eric Bibb. Decorated end pages. Condition: NEW 1989 R & S Books hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition. DJ shows tiny edge wear. Content: Bodker has written a very human Nativity story, seen from the perspective of Mary, a young woman who has never been far beyond the confines of her small village. The book follows Mary's son Jesus until he is old enough to begin work in his father's carpentry shop. But this is primarily the story of Mary's own growth into a mature young woman who accepts her remarkable destiny in a society where the unusual is most often regarded as threatening more than miraculous. A lovely book in all regards. [1 copy available]
$ 6.59 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 6.59
Mary of Nazareth, Bodker

by Robin Supremar. Illustrations by Renzo Barto. Condition: UNREAD 1981 Troll softcover edition, 6th printing. Tiny edgewear with light rubbings along front hinge; interior perfect. Content: Color illustrations & how-to instructions for Christmas Balls, Sugarplum Tree, Kooky Clay, etc. Great book for grade school teachers. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.49 + $ 2.89 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.49
Merry Christmas Things to Make and Do

by Margie Palatini. Adorable vivid color illustrations by Henry Cole. Condition: UNREAD 2001 Scholastic soft cover, 4th printing. Tiny tiny edge wear. Blank bookplate inside front cover. Content: The moose with the amazing mustache, last seen in Moostache (1997), is getting ready for Christmas, and he's totally organized. Baking cookies, check; sending holiday cards, check; buying gifts, check, check, check. It doesn't become apparent until Christmas Eve that one important job has been left undone: there's no Christmas tree! So Moose makes the ultimate sacrifice for his family--he lets them hang tinsel and ornaments from his long mustache, wrap lights around his antlers, and stick a star on the top of his head. The telling is amusing but odd: in the middle of the story the words start to rhyme, though the text continues to be set down on the page as prose. Consequently, librarians will want to practice before reading this aloud to a group or they're sure to stumble. The cartoon-style watercolors, however, reminiscent of Lynn Munsinger's work, are both boisterous and droll. They're especially amusing whenever Moose and his moustache come into view. The cover, featuring a bedecked, bemused Moose, will draw children into the story. Ages 3 - 6. [1 copy available]
$ 3.49 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.49
Mooseltoe, Palatini

THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT: A Story of the Nativity
by Marty Crisp and Floyd Cooper. Beautiful, warm color illustrations by Floyd Cooper. Condition: NEW 2006 Philomel hardcover (pictorial boards) and DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition, first printing. Content: This is such an interesting tale - of why the book was written. The fact that a white dog appeared again and again in the Nativity art of the Old Masters intrigued Crisp. The dog also appeared in later medieval religious art. Was it a symbol? A real dog? If so, what better companion could God turned man have? This story tells how Jesus became the owner of the white dog named Ra. It's beautiful! [2 copies left]
$ 7.89 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 7.89
Most Precious Gift, Nativity Story

MY CHRISTMAS ART CLASS: Fun things to make and do!
by Nellie Shepherd. Color "how-to" photos and of finished craft, as well. Condition: UNREAD 2004 DK hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ), first US edition, first printing. Light shelf wear to back cover. Interior perfect. Content: From a giant Christmas card to a snuggly snowman, all projects are fun and imaginative and will immediately appeal to the very young. You can turn bottles into skittles, beans into decorations, and even a pillowcase into Snowman Sam! With Nellie's art there are no rules - except to stay positive, do your best, and have fun! [1 copy left]
$ 6.89 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 6.89
My Christmas Art Class, Xmas Crafts

by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel. Adorable color illustrations by H.B. Lewis. Decorated end pages. Condition: INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR & SIGNED BY ILLUSTRATOR IN 2004. Insribed only as "Hi L----." UNREAD, but not perfect, 2004 Candlewick Press hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. Decorated end pages. DJ shows light shelf wear to edges. Content: From the be-careful-what-you-wish-for category of story comes the tale of Joe, who hopes each year to get exactly what he has asked for but winds up with a variation--a toy car, for instance, instead of a real one. But when Joe insists he wants a real penguin, that's just what he gets. Osbert is a delightful companion, albeit with a mind of his own. In the bath Osbert unwraps all the soap to replicate icebergs; for breakfast he demands herring. Finally Joe writes Santa, asking for a redo, and arrangements are made for Osbert to go to Arctic World, a happy solution for both. Kimmel sneaks some sly humor into the well-told, nicely paced story, and Lewis' artwork, executed in watercolor and pastels and enhanced with digital renderings, has a soft look, colored in marshmallow tints. Yet, as does the text, the art offers plenty of sharp fun--for example, when homesick Osbert builds a village out of melting ice-cream pops. Amusement with a message. Preschool to Grade 2. [1 copy left]
$ 10.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 10.00
My Penguin Osbert, Children's Xmas Book

art by LaFleur312. Condition: NEW package of 12 bookplates made by pacaritambo books. The peel-off label stock is heavier than most bookplate materials and is matte and not glossy. They are as perfect as possible, and we feel the subject matter is much different than you can get anywhere else. 3.0 x 4.0. Content: Adorable little kids who are probably in a Christmas pagent depicting the Nativity. This one is labelled "My Book" & has a space for a name but it can also be used to decorate packages as well as in books. We can personalize your bookplate (the font is Snell Blk BT) - just email us the name. Any questions, click here to email us.
$ 4.00 + $ 2.85 first class shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 4.00
Children's Nativity Bookplates

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