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by Lynn Huggins-Cooper. Adorable, fun color illustrations by Bonnie Leick. Condition: UNREAD 2003 Raven Tree large soft cover, first printing. Tiny shelf wear to cover corner tips. Interior perfect. Content: Get ready for an alien invasion! Alien Invaders / Invasores extraterrestres is here from Raven Tree Press, LLC. Bugs in the garden? Or are they alien invaders? A curious child compares small garden creatures to what he knows of space invaders. Creepy crawlers abound in wacky, far-out colored pencil illustrations. Book is presented in full text bilingual format. The story is told fully in English in one color, Spanish in another. Both languages appear on the same page with an icon separating. A keyword vocabulary page is included to jumpstart learning in either language. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.69 + $ 3.29 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.69
Alien Invaders, Bilingual Book

by Byrd Baylor. Wonerful soft color illustrations by Garth Williams. Condition: UNREAD 1993 Macmillan soft cover, 2nd printing. Designed as a reading supplement for schools, it does have the number "3" written on the top front cover corner - for third grade. Interior clean & tight. Content: Francisco is a lonely boy. Amigo is a prairie dog. They both live in the desert, and both want someone to play with. Francisco thinks that he's "taming" Amigo, his pet -- but Amigo knows better. [2 copies available]
$ 4.00 + $ 3.09 media shipping. Inernational shipping available.

Price: $ 4.00
Amigo, Byrd Baylor

retold by Maria Cristina Brusca and Tona Wilson. Nice color illustrations by Brusca. Condition: UNREAD, but perused on the shelf, 1993 1993 Henry Holt hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. Content: Published simultaneously in Spanish and English editions, this dynamic Argentine folktale puts a new spin on the Faust legend. Juan Pobreza, a poor but generous blacksmith, does indeed sell his soul to the devil, but, scamp that he is, manages to outwit him not once but thrice, each time wangling a contract for 20 years of youth, riches and adventure. Unfortunately, there is no happy ending for Pobreza. Because he insulted St. Peter--"Shut up, you fat old idiot!"--he's unwelcome in heaven; and since the devil certainly doesn't want him either, he's doomed to wander the pampas forever. Brusca and Wilson's fresh retelling bristles with energy, and the vibrantly colored, angular illustrations mesh neatly with the yarn's larger-than-life nature. Ages 5-9. [1 copy available]
$ 3.59 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.59
The Blacksmith and the Devils, Chicano Kids

by CAmpbell Geeslin. Great color illustrations by Ryan Sanchez. Condition: NEW 2007 Wade Books hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first printing. Content: The author introduces a Mexican girl and her stepfather, a famous painter dubbed "Senor Frog" for his rotund form. The painter's explanation of his surrealistic portrait of Clara--"I picture you in a dream, and then I paint what I see"--encourages the fanciful girl to create pictures melding the real and unreal. The lengthy text lacks focus, and except for a mention on the flap copy, nothing addresses the obvious parallels between the painter and Diego Rivera (whose murals of Mexican folklife are clearly referenced in Sanchez's bold, evocative oils). Still, Clara's experience may resonate with children adjusting to their own stepparents, and the theme of tapping creativity makes this a natural tool for art instructors, especially if used with Jonah Winter's Frida. Sanchez depicts Clara with a disproportionately large head; when interpreted as a physical expression of a rich, expansive inner life, the choice seems entirely appropriate. Ages 4-8. . [3 copies available]
$ 18.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 18.00
Clara & SEnor Frog, Chicano Kids

DE COLORES and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children
selected, arranged and translated by Jose-Luis Orozco. Vivid color illustrations by Elisa Kleven. Condition: NEW 1999 Puffin Books over-sized soft cover, 10th printing. Content: This bilingual collection of Latin American folk songs for children is truly a musical treasure. Each of the 27 songs is presented with background notes; lyrics in both Spanish and English; simple arrangements for the voice, piano, and guitar; and suggestions for group sing-alongs and musical games. Gathered from Spanish-speaking countries but including two of Orozco's own songs, the compilation is a programming gold mine. Included are songs for special occasions, counting songs, and animal songs. There is even a handy subject index to locate appropriate songs. The book is a delight for the eye as well as the ear. In the same shimmering style of magical folk art that she used to illustrate other children's books, Kleven provides bountiful illustrations and playful borders that ripple with colorful patterns and miniature pictures line the edge of every page. Full-page scenes of Hispanic families and children and also animals are exuberant with activity and alive with the joy of music. [1 copy only]
$ 3.89 + $ 3.29 media shipping. International shipping by arrangement - email us.

Price: $ 3.89
De Colores

by Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy. Beautiful color illustrations by Claudia de Teresa, Fabrizio Vanden Broeck, & Felipe Ugalde. Condition: NEW 2002 Santilliano/Alfaguara over-sized soft cover, first pritning. Content: Break a leg! Your cast members will keep their audiences on the edge of their seats as they act out a theatrical trio: "Christmas Presents," "Charlotte's Bicycle," and "Goldie Hen." Each play has a surprising climax. [1 copy only]
$ 3.29 + $ 3.39 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.29
Escenario Del Polichinela

FIESTA (Bilingual Children's Story)
by Ginger Foglesong Guy. Color illustrations by Rene King Moreno. Condition: UNREAD 2001 Scholastic soft cover, first printing. Perfect. Content: This is a simple little story of children getting ready for a party (Fiesta!). Each ingredient of the celebration is presented in English and Spanish and is a neat way to introduce English to Spanish-speaking children and vice versa. [1 copy only]
$ 3.49 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.49
Fiesta - Bilingual Children's Book

FIESTAS: A Year of Latin American Songs of Celebration (Bilingual Children's Story)
selected, arranged, & translated by Jose-Luis Orozco. Wonderful, vivid color illustrations by Elisa Kleven. Condition: Good +, pre-read 2002 Dutton large hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), first prtinting. No major problems - just pre-read. Content: This book presents songs in English & Spanish for each month of the year - holidays, birthdays, etc. "Sheet music" is included for many of the songs. [1 copy only]
$ 3.29 + $ 3.39 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.49
Fiestas: Latin American Songs of Celebration- Bilingual Children's Book

FRIDA MARIA: A Story of the Old Southwest
by Deborah Nourse Lattimore. Wonderful, historically accurate color illustrations by the Author. Condition: NEW 2000 Harcourt Brace soft cover (stapled wraps), 11th printing. Content: A story set in Old California. Frida Maria's mama wants her to behave like a proper se?orita-by learning to sew, cook, and dance. But all Frida can think about is the upcoming Fiesta and riding her uncle's horse Diablo in the great race. She tries to please her mama, but in several humorous episodes, ends up only exasperating her. When the Fiesta finally arrives, Frida impetuously joins the competition; predictably, she not only wins the race, but also the admiration of everyone. In a touching finale, the woman comes to appreciate her daughter's unconventional talents. The humorous and lively text, full of dialogue and sprinkled with Spanish words, reads smoothly. A glossary with pronunciations is included. Lattimore's vivid, textured illustrations, rendered in watercolor and colored pencil in deep, rich, earth and jewel tones over a hand-applied layer of modeling paste, have a frescolike quality. The variation in layout, from full-page paintings, to smaller framed scenes, to a two-page double foldout, adds visual interest. The artist successfully blends elements from early California Mission architecture with lush garden scenes and domestic interiors with flower-filled baskets, pottery, and kitchen implements to give a real sense of time and place. It is refreshing to see such a strong and independent girl in this satisfying picture book. Grades 2 - 4. [2 copies available]
$ 5.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping. International shipping available by arrangement - email us.

Price: $ 5.00
Frida Maria: Old Southwest

by Gloria Anzaldua. Wonderful color illustrations by Consuelo Mendez. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1994 Children's Book Press soft cover, no printing given. Problem: light edgewear bottom edge with a shelfwear "near-crease" back cover. Interior clean & tight. Content: A straightforward bilingual depiction of the variety of responses to Mexican ``illegals'' by Chicanos already living in Texas. Though her friends' first reaction on seeing Joaquˇn is hostility toward the young mojadito (wetback), Prietita warns them off and befriends him, planning to take him to the herb woman for treatment for the sores he hides under long sleeves. A visit from the Border Patrol hastens the event; the herb woman hides Joaquˇn and his mother until the danger is past, then shows Prietita how to help her new friend. What's special about this simple story is the realism with which the circumstances are presented. The migra represent the law, and there's nothing negative in their depiction (``even'' the Chicano migra laughs when someone makes a joke), but Prietita's kindness is clearly what is valued here. In M‚ndez's powerful mixed-media illustrations, freely drawn graphite lines define the strong, planar faces and the poverty of the surroundings; appropriately, pervasive bleak gray is only somewhat tempered by the hot, bright colors of Latino clothing and the desert. An authentic portrayal; an excellent basis for discussion of an important issue. Both the Author and the Illustrator are from South Texas. (Ages 4-10) [1 copy only]
$ 3.49 + $ 3.19 media shipping. Priority & International shipping available.

Price: $ 3.49
Friends From the Other Side/Amigos Del Otro Lado - Bilingual Children's Book

Putumayo Presents LATIN PLAYGROUND (English & Spanish Activity Kit) {CD included]
by Jacob Edgar and Emi Gittleman. Clever two-tone illustrations by Nicola Heindl. Condition: UNREAD 2002 Koch/Putumayo large sofdt cover. Tiny edge wear. No passport included. Content: Travel through 8 Latin American countries with fun music & activities for children. Contains: Full length CD with fun songs from 8 Latin American countries; Sing-a-long lyrics and translations; More than 50 hands-on activities for children, familes and schools; Reproducible pages; Cut, color and paste artwork. Well-known contributing artists: Cubanismo, Lila Downs, Los 50 de Joselito, Jose Gonzalez y Banda Criolla, Terri Hendrix, Flaco Jimenez, Nazare Pereira, Omara Portuondo, et al. [1 copy available]
$ 5.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.00
Latin Playground, Bilingual Activities

LATINO RAINBOW: Poems About Latino Americans
by Carlos Cumpian. Beautiful, soft color illustrations by Richard Leonard. Condition: UNREAD, but not perfect, 1994 Children's Press hardcover (pictorial boards - no DJ), first printing. This was an ex-library book but the only sign of that is the checkout envelope on the back inside loose end page. Content: This collection of 20 poems in picture-book format introduces aspects of Latino culture in the United States. The chronologically arranged selections range in topic from the colonization of California by the Spanish, to Ellen Ochoa, the first Latina astronaut. Cumpian's poetry captures with interesting rhythms, some of the most dramatic moments of the history between Mexico and the United States. One of the last poems refers to Guatemalan, Salvadoran, and Nicaraguan refugees-"Our people have become refugees/because of strong earthquakes, high floods,/diseased water, or no rain;/because mean people/took control and wanted to rule/without caring about clinics,/food markets, or even schools." Leonard uses a muralist style to depict the personalities introduced. The backgrounds, often heavily colored in earth and sepia tones, allude to the subjects' accomplishments. The poems will allow children to discover for themselves these interesting events and figures of importance to the Latino culture in this country. The subjects: California Rancheros; Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; Bernardo Vega; Ronstadt Family; Luis Alvarez; Dr. Hector Perez Garcia; Cuban REfugees; Ritchie Valens; Tito Puente; Neorican Poets; Cesar Chavez; Roberte Clemente; Carlos A. Cortez; Joan Baez; Reies Lopez Tijerina; Antonia Coehlo Novello; Central American Refugees; Henry Cisneros; and Ellen Ochoa. Wonderful! [1 copy available]
$ 5.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.00
Latino Rainbow

text and color illustrations by Tomie dePaola. Condition: NEW 1997 PaperStar soft cover, 10th printing. Content: In this legend from Mexico, a little girl, Lucinda, is proud to help her mother weave a new blanket for the Baby Jesus to be used in a Christmas procession. But when Lucinda's mother takes ill, Lucinda tangles the yarn and is unable to complete the blanket. Feeling she has ruined Christmas, Lucinda is reluctant to go to the procession until a mysterious old woman appears from the shadows and tells Lucinda, "Any gift is beautiful because it is given. Whatever you give, the Baby Jesus will love because it comes from you." Nervously, Lucinda grabs an armful of weeds, which she brings into the church. As she prays, the weeds open into dazzling red flowers that decorate the altar. The story has a simple dignity, but it is the artwork that takes center stage here. The spreads, which feature everyday occurrences (set in a generic era), are magnificently staged and colored and culminate in the last spread--Lucinda praying at a crŠche, with a profusion of poinsettias decorating the pages. An author's note gives the origin of the story as well as facts about the poinsettia plant and its Christmas connections. Ages 6 - 10. [2 copies available]
$ 5.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping. Priority shipping available.

Price: $ 5.00
The Legend of the Poinsettia, DePaola

by Kelly Stuart. Wonderful soft colorful illustrations by Carlos Caban. Sheet music of the Lullaby forms the decorated end pages. Condition: NEW 2002 Bright Sky Press (Austin) hardcover (pictorial boards) & DJ (in mylar jacket), assumed first printing. Content: Sleep, my little one, sleep; My precious, La Morenita says sleep; Let nothing disturb you and do not cry; I've come to sing you a lullaby In December of 1531, an Aztec man--revered as a spiritual seeker of truth--received a splendid and holy vision. As beautiful music played, the clouds parted and a woman emerged, surrounded by golden flames. Telling the man she was the Virgin Mother, she entrusted him with a special mission: to build a chapel in her honor. But, the Bishops wouldn't believe his story.until the Virgin sent a special sign. To this day, people throughout the world honor the Virgin of Guadalupe and celebrate her feast. In simple verse, perfect for the youngest child, the story of this special encounter unfolds, accompanied by richly colored illustrations and a lullaby to sing toddlers to sleep. Beautiful. Questions welcome. [3 copies available.]
$ 4.89 + $ 3.29 media shipping. International shipping by arrangement only - email us.

Price: $ 4.89
Lullaby of the Virgin of Guadalupe

text and color illustrations by Tomie DePaola. Condition: NEW 2000 Scholastic softcover, fourth printing. Tiny edgewear. Beautiful Southwestern colors in the hands of DePaola are special. Content: The story of the nine days of Las Posadas as celebrated in Spain and in the Southwestern United States. The last page details a history of the holiday. [1 copy available]
$ 5.59 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.59
Night of Las Posadas

by Mary Ann Smothers Bruni. Color illustrations by Thom Ricks. Condition: Gently pre-read 1985 TexArt hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition, no printing given. No problems, just pre-read. Content: Welcome to Christmas on El Paso Street in San Antonio, Texas! You are entering the magical world of Christmas on the West Side of San Antonio. It is a world of posadas, processions, of mananitas, mornign serenades, and of backyard pastorelas, shepherds' plays. Meet nine year old Rosita. She wants to be Gila in Los Pastores, San Antonio's traditional Mexican Christmas drama. She knows all the words of "Palomita," Gila's song. She knows the caminata, the shepherd's walking song. She even has a basket like Gila's. Bruni is a Texan familiar with the Christmas festivities and Ricks' watercolors give a great insight into the rites of Christmas in Texas. [The text may be a bit "sweet" but the descriptions of the festivals are wonderful.] [1 copy available]
$ 7.79 + $ 3.39 media shipping.

Price: $ 7.79
Rosita's Christmas Wish, Xmas in Texas

by Tony Johnston. Beautiful color illustrations typical of Tomie dePaola. Condition: UNREAD 1995 Scholastic paperback (stapled wraps), first printing. Tiny edge wear. Bookstore blacked out note covered with blank bookplate. Content: Reviewer: "Rabbit is very mischievous and clever. But after he steals chili peppers from a farmer one night, he finds himself trapped in a sack, waiting to be thrown into a pot of boiling water for the farmer's meal. Just then, Coyote comes along and asks what Rabbit is doing there. Rabbit tells him that he is waiting to marry the farmer's beautiful daughter and offers for Coyote to take his place. Coyote agrees, and Rabbit escapes. When Coyote figures out that he has been fooled, he runs off to find Rabbit. Again Rabbit tricks Coyote and escapes. Will Coyote ever catch Rabbit? I would definitely recommend this to any kid who wants to read a good short story." This story from the town of Juchitan, in Oaxaca, Mexico, weaves together several traditional threads of story: tales of Brer Rabbit, the story of Coyote swallowing the moon, and the origin of "the rabbit in the moon." Ages 6 +. Questions welcome. [1 copy available]
$ 3.59 + $ 3.09 media shipping.

Price: $ 3.59
Tale of Rabbit & Coyote, Mexican folktale

by Gary Soto. Warm & appropriate color illustrations by Ed Martinez. Condition: UNREAD 1994 Scholastic soft cover, 6th printing. Tiny edge wear with a local PBS Station logo bottom front cover corner. Interior perfect. Content: While helping her parents prepare tamales for a Christmas celebration, Maria notices her mother taking off her diamond ring. Unable to resist temptation, Maria slips the ring on her finger and continues with her work. It is only after the tamales are cooked and ready to be served that she realizes that she has lost the ring -- probably in one of the tamales. Will Maria and her cousins be able to find the ring? Illustrated with oil paintings. [1 copy only]
$ 5.00 + $ 3.19 media shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 5.00
Too Many Tamales, Christmas Books

by Rafael Arturo Urena. B&W illustrations - no credit given. Condition: NEW 1985 Vantage Press hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket), first edition. Unfortunately, the color, dye (?) for the cover is weak so we have light rubbings bottom DJ spine. Interior perfect. Content: Each of the tales in this book can stand on its own because each is so rich in tone, texture, and colloquialisms, qualities that are usually lacking ini all but the finest translations. At the same time, because the English and Spanish versions mirror each other so closely, when read together they help to reinforce the basic language skills of bilingual students. Stories: Making Figures With the Clouds; Hacienda Figuras con las Nubes; The Princess and the Magic Rosebush; La Princesa y al Rosal Magico; The Trip of the Golden Fish; and El Viaje del Pez Dorado. Perfect for homeschooling and public school teachers. Questions welcome [2 copies available]
$ 5.89 + $ 3.19 media shipping.

Price: $ 5.89
Trip of Golden Fish, Bilingual

art by Danka Lilly. Condition: NEW package of 12 bookplates made by pacaritambo books. The peel-off label stock is heavier than most bookplate materials and is matte and not glossy. They are as perfect as possible, and we feel the subject matter is much different than you can get anywhere else. 4.0" high x 3.5" wide. Content: Bright Spanish Dancer in black and shades of pruple with pink roses on her skirt. We can personalize your bookplate (the font is Snell Blk BT) - just email us the name. Any questions, click here to email us.
$ 4.00 + $ 2.85 first class shipping. International shipping available.

Price: $ 4.00
Spanish Dancer Bookplates

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