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by Domenico Laurenza. Wonderful color repros of Da Vinci's art, sculptures, paintings, and drawings of all things "in flight." Condition: New 2007 Johns Hopkins University Press large soft cover, first printing. Beautiful production values. Content:A genius for all time, Leonardo da Vinci contributed artistic masterpieces, spectacular inventions, and scientific research to Western culture. This beautifully illustrated volume reconstructs the origin of one of the most fascinating and fundamental aspects of Leonardo's life and work: his dream of human flight. With masterfully reproduced drawings from his vast library of manuscripts and folios -- especially from the Codex "On the Flight of Birds" and the Codex "Atlanticus" -- this book traces the development of Leonardo's theories and experiments over time. Detailed descriptions and unique readings of these exquisite sketches, letters, and notes reveal the inner workings of the artist-scientist. [2 copies available]
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Price: $ 12.49
Leonardo da Vinci on Flight

THE MAN WHO FOUND THE MISSING LINK: The Extraordinary life of Eugene Dubois
by Pat Shipman. B&W photos, maps, and drawings illustrate. Condition: NEW 2002 Phoenix/Orion (London) Trade Paperback, first printing. Content: This book the story of one of the greatest scientists at the turn of the century - a Dutchman called Eugene Dubois, now largely forgotten, but the man whose discovery of the 'missing link' altered our view of human origins. As a young man, he decided that the most important contribution a man could make to science would be to find the missing link. It would be the proof of Darwinian evolution, then still controversial. He deduced where the missing link should be and found the fossil, now known as homo erectus, in Java in 1891. Shipman uses a fascinating range of letters, diaries and photographs to tell the story of how Dubois' life and career exploded across the world in the 1890s. [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 6.79
Man Who Found Missing Link

by the great Immanuel Velikovsky. Preface (original) and a new Preface to the paperback ediiton. Condition: UNREAD 1977 Pocket paperback, 7th printing. Perfect but for a name written top Title Page. Content: Whether you agree with Velikovsky (in part or totally), you wuld have to admit his books and theories have had an impact on the scientific community (who despise him) or on popular science (the general public likes him). Oh - and don't forget Carl Sagan - who, I understand, used Velikovsky's theories about Venus as a part of his own Ph.D. dissertation. Supposedly, Broca's Brain" is Sagan's answer to this book. Reviewer: "What makes up the book's core and focus is the element of science and validity in ancient myth. Any modern reader who picks up the Bible and leafs to Exodus will wonder about the events being described there. If it was not a series of actual divine intervention, than what was it? The account is too similar in detail with the symptoms of a great natural disaster to be wholly fabricated. More importantly: what caused the fairly obvious similarities in myths from all over the world? A language-like trade and distribution? Are their rough contents features of human subconsciousness common to us all? Nobody has the answer. In fact many still stubbornly persist there is no science here at all: myths are made-up stories and wishful thinking. Velikovsky's "error" was drawing his major conclusions from myth and folklore alone. There was no geological or astronomical evidence to back him up. Instead, he called for these sciences to adapt to his theories. Nevertheless, his method had a logic and clarity that was rudely ripped aside by critics, who wanted to put him on display and eliminate another threat to mainstream scientific thought. And thus leaving the actual question unchallenged: where is the science and the truth in myth and folklore?" A fascinating read. And then read Broca's Brain. [1 copy available]
$ 19.49 + $ 2.94 media shipping.

Price: $ 19.49
Worlds In Collision

CHARLES DARWIN: The Naturalist Who Started a Scientific Revolution
by Cyril Aydon. Two B&W photo sections and B&W maps. Condition: NEW 2002 Carroll & Graff hardcover & DJ (in mylar jacket), assumed first printing. Content: While there are weighty biographies of Charles Darwin for the specialist and brief introductions for beginners, Cyril Aydon’s work presents Darwin for the general reader, in a winning combination of historical accuracy and exemplary, lucid science. Aydon begins with one of the overlooked factors in the great man’s success—he was rich. Thanks to his family’s wealth and position, Darwin could turn down careers in medicine and the clergy to devote his life to science, an undoubted factor in his becoming one of the undisputed giants of the field. Pursuing his studies on his own terms, he made major contributions to geology and virtually invented ecology. And he wrote two books, The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man, that changed forever our view of life on earth and man’s place in the natural order. Charles Darwin places Darwin the devoted father and husband in the context of his scientific career, as well as elucidating his intellectual principles. It not only explains what The Origin of Species was about, but also portrays how the epochal controversy of its publication affected him and his family personally. And it immerses the reader in both the physical and the intellectual excitement of the Beagle voyage. To round out this captivating biography, Aydon supplies an extended postscript analyzing the secret of Darwin’s success, following the changing fortunes of his theories according to fashions in intellectual thought, and explaining his significance to two centuries of evolutionary speculation and discovery. 16 pages of full-color and black-and-white photographs are included in this portrait of the father of evolutionary theory. [1 copy available]
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Price: $ 4.49
Charles Darwin, Aydon

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